A Journey In Yoga

My journey into yoga began in 2004. At that point, I had been into fitness since a teen due to an injury. After years of going to the gym and being told how important it was to stretch, I was confounded as to how one was supposed to stretch (safely) in a cold gym. Even considering that your body should be warmed up form the workout. I mentioned this to a friends she said: “haven’t you ever heard f hot yoga?” And so my journey began. Beginning with Bikram’s hot yoga sequence. 

During that first class, I could not hep but laugh. The teacher queried as to what I found so funny, and it was the absurdity of the instructions of what she expects dim to do with my body. But I tried, succeeded, add failed. From there, I discovered other sequences of hatha yoga through vinyasa flow, and all the derivates of. I learnt about Panatajali’s yoga sutras, the Hatha Yoga Pradapika, the Bhagavad Gita, and the modernization of yoga. I was fascinated about sequencing of classes and took out instructional books on yoga from the library. i would study all the time how teachers would structure their classes, even writing down the sequences that I had practiced that day. In Vancouver, I volunteered at YYoga, a popular, trendy, boojie yoga chain with multiple locations. This allowed me to practice multiple times a day deepening my practice. One factor that i enjoys the most, was the dance like quality of Yoga. 

I was also introduced to breath work (pranayama) and meditation. Truth be told, I actually tried to teach myself meditation about a decade earlier, but kept falling asleep trying! It was these aspects fo the practice that truly intrigued me. Of course, I love the physical practice, as I am a mover- a dancer- at heart. To learn yoga to the fullest extent, it is best for one to include all limbs.

I discovered that even in yoga there can be much derision, condescension and pretension. it was disheartening in some ways, until you learnt o accept that we are all deeply flawed. Acceptance is not complacency! It is vital to take action and pay attention to the present moment to start affecting chance in ones self, thereby projecting your will into the shared environment, the spirit of life. 

In 2010 I took my yoga teacher training. By this point, I had attended a countless number of classes and had met several yoga instructors that had a massive impact on my practice, both the physical asana, the deeper aspects fo the yama and niyamas, and the heights of the raja yoga. I am honoured to have met these people and continue this day to try and emulate what I have learnt from them. My desire to learn is constant, although my funds and time for additional trainings may be limited. Luckily, there is always the internet, more importantly books, and the practice itself which guides me to a place of wisdom- I hope and pray.

During the 2020 pandemic, things shifted in my life quite drastically, as it did for many. Instead of full heartedly jumping into the online world of teaching, I became isolated. I stopped teaching my yoga class that I had done so casually for the past six months and shut down my ideas for a health coaching business. it was not until the beginning of 2022, that I was re-awakened. 

I arrived in Puerto Vallarta, and through a bit of serendipity, I was able to teach in the yoga community. This healed me. From place of darkness and despair, I once agin found meaning. I realized that I am meant o help build community, to draw people together to a place of healing and togetherness. My skills lie in the ability to speak freely with most people in a manner that makes them feel comfortable. To assist them to find a place of trust within themselves that moves them forward to building bridges with others. 

So, here I am today. Currently living back in Canada. Healed from the psychological injuries that the vast majority of us suffered. Reclaimed in my life and my identity, through being of service to my community. I recently read that the two oldest forms of yoga are: Karma and Jana Yoga (duty and wisdom, respectively). It is through acts that embody these concepts that builds community and unites us as one. Yoking the mind, body and spirit is beneficial for our own health and wellness. Creating wisdom, trust and acceptance is beneficial for our community. We are all individuals, together, in life. See yourself in one another, hopes and dreams, compassion and kindness. And most of all love. 

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