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Ofmargaret, Subjugation of Women by Women

Pregnant bodies. If this sounds dehumanizing or misogynistic, you are not alone. The Toronto Star recently published an op-ed: Why can’t we say ‘woman’ anymore?, whichquestions the use of such terminology. The piece discusses the trend of replacing the word woman, when speaking about the female physiology. For instance, terms such as “bodies with vaginas” and “birthing people” have been used by the medical journal, The Lancet, and a British maternity ward respectively. Notably, this does not appear to occur with male anatomy or physiology.

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Dad Stands Up to Gender Ideology

travels across Canada and into the United States to spread his message that “children cannot consent to puberty blockers.” Asked why he dons such a cumbersome item, he reasons, “they can take a billboard down, but they can’t take it off my back.”

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Ontario Seeks To Implement A Gender Affirming Care Act

Bill 17, the Gender Affirming Health Care Advisory Committee Act, has been moved to the standing committee on social policy in the Ontario legislature. If passed, the Act will allow the Minister of Health to form an advisory committee to look into “improving access to and coverage for gender affirming health care.” 

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