A Journey In Yoga

My journey into yoga began in 2004. At that point, I had been into fitness since a teen due to an injury. After years of going to the gym and being told how important it was to stretch, I was confounded as to how one was supposed to stretch (safely) in a cold gym. EvenContinue reading “A Journey In Yoga”

Gender Cynical, A Personal Story

Something strange is going on. Within the Pride movement there are bullies. Trans activists. Demands are being made at conferences. Threats posted online. GSAs taken over. Gay men told to take a back seat. Lesbians denied sex segregated spaces. Gender neutral language driving misogyny. Experimentation on children. Identities being subsumed under acronyms.

British Police Appropriate Pride Iconography

On Sunday August 21, 2021, the Daily Mail reported that police cars have been painted with the ubiquitous “Pride” label and rainbow colours. Although it is unknown how many of these cars will be paraded around in this manner, the intent is to provide the LGBT+ community with a sense of safety if they encounter any hate crimes.