5 Qualifications for a Health Coach

A health coach not only needs attributes that are relevant to their profession for them to be successful, but they also need to have the qualifications to back up their knowledge. Your health coach requires skills, attributes and qualifications, all of which can be learnt to some extent and some of which require a bit of an innate potential. Sometimes, when a health coach lacks with their innate ability, they use the skills they have learnt to supplement that. But no matter how much innate ability someone has, always ensure that you are checking into their qualifications. The point of health coach certification is to ensure your health and safety by demonstrating that they have completed testing requirements to be awarded the authority to coach you.

Your Daily Actions- Getting to Work

This series about Daily Primal Action began with the Morning routine. Originally the day was divided up into waking up, work, after work, and home time. However, getting to work and a sleep routine will be quite larger topics, that these will now be included as their own blogs.

Your Daily Primal Actions- Morning Routine

Primal Action is a three tiered approach to health and wellness. The three pillars are: fuel- what you consume, fitness- your movement and mobility, and focus- mental clarity and habits