Daily Primal Actions- Evening Time

If you’re just checking these series of blogs about daily primal actions now, feel free too start here or to go back to the first one: Daily Primal Actions- Morning routine. It is stressed in earlier blogs about setting yourself up for success earlier in the day to be successful for the current part of the day. The important thing to note though, is at any point you can begin to set yourself up for success.

Your Daily Primal Actions- At Work

Work is a main focus for most of us. Although, we can thrive from the motivation of completing tasks, the sense of belonging being part of a group, and revel in the success a career can bring, what health costs are we willing to pay for it? What if we could mitigate those health costs by living a primal lifestyle?

Food Lies on a Spectrum

Food lies on a spectrum. On one end is nutritional, enjoyable, healthy food. At the other end is food like products. In between lies food items like: has nutritional value but can cause inflammation, sweet and tasty but can spike insulin levels, healthy food sprayed with pesticides, and animals raised in poor conditions and improperly fed. Let’s examine this spectrum and see how we can make our best choices.

Enjoy Learning to Cook

Cooking can be an enjoyable experience. Whether following a recipe, improvising or just doing it tapas style, having a basic understanding of foods can provide you with a foundation to help assist creating your own meal plan and nutritional needs. Here are some tips and tricks I recommend.