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August Online Special

For the month of August, I am once again featuring my 4 class promotion. For ONLY $99 USD you will receive 4 one on one online yoga sessions, 4 training videos devised to compliment your needs, and a complimentary copy of my e-book: Men’s Natural Yoga.

To sign up, or for any questions, email:, subject line: August promo. This promo will only be here for August, so sign up today!

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Yoga classes and Modelling available

One time in-person bookings

For private bookings and workshops email

Sessions last an hour and include: an intro discussion, breath work, meditation, basic yoga sequence curtained to the student’s needs. You may also record the session if you wish, and you will receive a copy of my e-book: Men’s Natural Yoga.

$60 USD for one to two persons.

$100 USD up to 4 people

$160 USD up to 8 people

$180 USD up to 12 people

The above prices include mat rental.

Out call transport fee will be added to the final total.

Couple’s Yoga Intimacy

👬 This couples yoga session involves partner stretching, breath work and mediation intimacy techniques. This is a clothing optional session. Please inform the instructor is you prefer a clothed or nude option.

🧘‍♂️ In this 75 minute class, you will explore the physical body by assisting each other with stretching positions. When you learn where your partner is holding tension, you will better understand how to release that tension.

🌬️ You and your partner will also explore on a deeper physiological level by discovering one another’s breath patterns. Breath is a conduit to the soul.

🧖‍♂️ One of the final exercises will delve farther into the spirit you both share with a meditative intimacy technique.

👨‍🏫 I will be there as a guide only. It will be the two of you who will be working together to build an even stronger foundation for your relationship from which to move forward upon.

❗️ Please note, this should go without saying, but this is not a sex session. Although erections may naturally occur, it will not be the focus of the partner work.

📲 The session is $80 USD cash or paid to my PayPal. Sessions are normally done in your residence. If this is an issue, other arrangements may be made, but a space rental fee may be required. Mats can be provided. It is recommended for you to bring towels and water. Sessions may also be done online.

📕 The session may be recorded if you wish. You will also receive a copy of my men’s nude yoga e-manual.

👍 Please let me know your preferred date and time to book in, and I will check my availability.

What to expect?

Upon arrival, there will be a brief discussion with you and your guests about the hour long yoga practice. After disrobing, the participants will take their places on their mats. The practice will include breath work, light body movements, and meditation. In the group practice, it will provide the students a chance to feel comfortable with one another in a state of vulnerability. While in the couples session, intimacy will be explored.

Outcomes: Increased confidence, release of inhibitions, transformed sense of self, deepened awareness of the inner spirit, youthful desires

We had a specially arranged yoga session on a private beach with Collin. It was fun and fabulous! What a great way to start the day. He can adjust for any skill level. I recommend reaching out to him to set something up if you’d like to give it a try!

-Richard, Canada

Collin made us feel comfortable during the class with his clear instructions and supportive words. We really enjoyed the class and hope to have another session soon.

-Mike, Mexico

What is natural yoga?

Love the skin you’re in, for it holds a beautiful spirit that was born to dance, play and thrive. Naked yoga allows you to set aside your clothes, and self-image, to explore a more intimate connection with the mind-body-spirit. We find that practicing naked places us into a state of vulnerability. This allows us to confront our insecurities and brings us closer to our true selves. If you desire to build confidence, increase awareness, and emanate joy, this is for you.

Not quite ready?

Yoga in your jocks is always an option. Incremental steps towards feeling comfortable in the nude may simply take a few steps. Please feel free to discuss your options.

About Collin

Collin has studied Yoga over the past 15 years in a wide variety fo disciplines. He received his teacher training in 2011. Always an avid student, he has continued to learn and deepen his understanding of the practice as a conduit to the path of transformation. Collin thrives in the process of co-creating community and holding a safe, relaxed and meaningful space for men to explore intimacy, connection and joy together.

Collin came to our condo and provided a one hour session. It included breathing, meditation and stretching. He challenged my friends who practice yoga, while making sure that I was able to participate. I’m really glad that we were able to include this into our trip. If we were there longer, I’m sure we would have booked again.

-Bruce, USA