Ladies Day Yoga Celebration

A day with the ladies is always a blast! Why not treat your friends (and yourself!) to an in-house or outdoor private yoga session?

Easily organized

Personalized instruction

Healthy outcomes

Transform yourself

No group too small

Get your ladies together for an experience like no other. For prices and booking form click here. Then, secure your reservation with payment and receive a confirmation via email.

What to expect. The instructor will arrive at your home, or preferred outdoor location, 30 minutes prior to class time to assist in setting up an area for the yoga practice.* A living room, spare room, backyard, or local recreational park, are all great options. Guests will be required to bring their own mat and towel.

*Please note, we do not do heavy lifting. If heavy lifting is required, we recommend you contact a professional service. Thank you for your understanding.

The class starts on time. If guests arrive late, they will be integrated into the practice. The one hour yoga sequence will be accessible with modifications and variations provided. It includes a seated mediation, breath work, core stability exercises, and a floor or standing flow series, depending on the group’s needs. The class will finish with a guided savasana. 

Afterwards, enjoy a complimentary juice while the instructor sits with the group and answers any questions. All participants will also receive an audio recording of the class, a sequence sheet, and free yoga e-book, sent via a follow up email.

Meet Collin Wynter, founder of Spirit Awakening: Yoga, Health, Fitness

Collin completed his yoga teacher training in 2011 and has continued learning ever since. He believes it is never too late to begin your yoga practice. One mantra he holds dear is: “Do the best that you can with the body that you have today.” He encourages participants to approach yoga through a student’s lens. His teaching style focuses on developing a rooted foundation. From there, one can begin to explore the deeper meaning of practice.

Please see booking form for pricing and cancellation policy.

For guests over 12, please email to arrange details. 

We kindly ask for payment within 48 hours to guarantee your preferred date and time.

*Collin also offers private yoga, fitness and nutrition sessions. For more on these services, or any queries, please contact and sign up for the newsletter.

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