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Yoga, Massage and Life Drawing events


Thank you for your interest in booking Yoga, Massage and Life Drawing events. Below is a description of the events and the pricing. At the end, there is a link to a booking form. Please feel free to reach out at any point and time for questions. Sincerely, Collin Wynter

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Please note, we offer all of our events in both Spanish and English.


This Hatha yoga session will be led by Alvaro. Hatha yoga focuses on gentle and accessible postures, with an emphasis on breath work. This yoga session will be 75 minutes. It includes a one hour asana class, with a 15 minute Savasana to follow. 

About your instructor


Alvaro was introduced to yoga by his grandmother who practiced everyday, and it has become part of his daly life and self-care routines. Alvaro is a full time massage therapist, and yoga is the tool he uses to restore and clean his energy. When he practices, the most important thing is not getting every position perfect, but to connect with his energy and emotions and be conscious about what each position makes him feel. He has experience with Hatha yoga, with a specialization in Tantra yoga. He is looking forward to teaching awareness, sharing from his own personal experience, giving the gift of yoga to others, and connecting with each of the students in the yoga session.

Minimum pricing: 4000 MXN for 10 people

150 MXN for each additional person

*Yoga mats and transport included in the price


We have the ability to provide three masseurs at one time. Meaning that three massages can take place at once. All masseurs offer relaxing and deep tissue massages. The male masseurs offer speciality Tantric massages for males. The massages last an hour. A 15 minute space in between massages will be required to clean and re-set for the next client. Massage tables and sheets provided. We kindly ask for a minimus of 6 massages to be booked in (2 massages for each of the masseurs). Our masseurs are happy to massage either men or women. 


Relaxing massage 900 MXN

Deep tissue massage 1200 MXN

Tantric ( includes touching genitals, perineum, prostate area) 1800 MXN

Tantric massage is a sensitizing massage in order to stimulate the body’s nerve endings and intertwine them with the tantric energy of pleasure, completeness and sexuality.

Minimum pricing for massage table and sheets rental: 600 MXN per table, 3 massage per table at this price, 3 tables. Total: 1800 MXN for 9 massages.

Additional massages will need to be booked in groups of 3, with a rental fee of 200 MXN per table. Total: 600 MXN is each additional group of 3 massages.

Since the minimum rental price for massage tables are based on 9 massages, we recommend the group book in for a minimum of 9 massages for complete value.

*Price of table and sheet rental includes transport cost.

Life Drawing

Life drawing is a unique event in which a trained artist will have a model undress and pose in a variety of postures for the class to draw from. You do not need to have any skill in drawing. The artist will be there to offer tips on how to draw the human figure. We encourage the participants to suggest positions for the model to take.

About the Artist

Tony Canvaz is a professional artist with a speciality in oil painting. He is often commissioned for his works. He enjoys teaching Life Drawing classes to share his passion for art. He looks forward to seeing the creativity of new students that are just learning. He sees himself as guide for the art process, rather than having a strict teaching method. He looks forward to providing a fun atmosphere in which all the participants can express themselves creatively. 

About the model

Daniel Ferreira Aparicio is a nudist at heart. He believes that the beauty of the naked body should shine. He has a passion for creating nude events for all to participate in. Body positivity is an important part of his philosophy. He is no stranger to hosting a good time, as he is also trained as a tour guide. He looks forward to having a fun time interacting with the participants.  

Minimum  4000 MXN for 10 participants, 1000 MXN for art supplies. Total: 5000 MXN

150 MXN for each additional participant

*Price includes payment for artist, model, supplies, transport

Booking Form

Please click the link here to go to the booking form.

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