Direct to Your Villa Event Booking Form

Event 1: Yoga

Event 2: Life Drawing

Event 3: Massage

(Name of Guest, Type of Massage, Preferred Masseur)

Please note, additional guests may be booked in for massages. Please contact Collin at Wssp: +12042938717 or to update the number of guests for massage or any of the events.

Payment, Refund & Cancellation policy

To complete the booking form a non-refundable booking fee of 2000 MXN is required. An invoice for 2000 MXN will be sent upon completion of this form. After the booking fee is received event information will be sent, including: the total pricing based on current guest numbers, specific dates of cancellation and refund policy, the timing and process of each event. 

To confirm the booking, a 50% deposit is required two weeks prior to the first event, based on the number of guests at that point.

This deposit is fully refundable one week before the first event.

This deposit is 50% refundable 48 hours before the first event.

To complete your booking the remainder 50% payment is required 24 hours prior to the first event.

Terms and Conditions

What if additional guests wish to join or not participate?

We are always happy to include additional guests. As the weeks progress, Collin will work with you to update guest numbers. 24 hours prior to the first event, a total will be provided based on the numbers to that date. From that time, we will not be able to reduce the pricing if guests do not wish to attend. If additional guests wish to join, Collin will provide a supplementary invoice. That invoice will be due within 24 hours of the final event. 

What about the case of an emergency, bad weather?

Emergencies and bad weather are out of everyone’s control. We kindly ask for your understanding that in some of these cases we may still require payment to be processed. We are happy to work with the group to offer alternative dates and times to ensure all events are successful. We will happily exchange one guest who might not be able to participate for a certain medical reason, for another guest who can. In regards to weather, we kindly ask that space be made indoors for the events, so they can occur without disturbance. 

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