Ontario Seeks To Implement A Gender Affirming Care Act

Bill 17, the Gender Affirming Health Care Advisory Committee Act, has been moved to the standing committee on social policy in the Ontario legislature. If passed, the Act will allow the Minister of Health to form an advisory committee to look into “improving access to and coverage for gender affirming health care.” 

Woman Means Something, my Conversation with Pastor Paul Dirks

Woman means something, a campaign initiated by Paul Dirks, a Canadian Pastor, was formed from his “convictions” and “forged in his faith in Christ.” The mission, to shed light upon the encroachment of sex based rights in favour of transgender ideology. He does not speak for women, but speaks with them.

Episode 5 of The Collin Wynter Channel: Conversation with Dr James Cantor

A specialist in hypersexuality and paraphilias, Dr James Cantor was a perfect guest to speak with regarding the current trend of medicalizing children under the rubric of transgender health care. Having first seen him on Bejamin A Boyce’s podcast, Calmversations, I was excited that he took the time to speak with me also. I have a lot of ideas about transgender ideology, but I do not have access to research facilities. being able to tap into the knowledge of someone who has been studying in this realm for many years, it allowed me to tune tune my thought process. 

Episode 4 of The Collin Wynter Channel: Conversation with Donovan Cleckley

There are many reasons why I have conversations with people and post them to social media. To demonstrate that you can talk about tendentious topics publicly without fear. To have the difficult conversations with someone you may not necessarily agree with. To talk with someone about their ideas at greater length. To build networks of like minded individuals. Most importantly, to find out valuable information to share with others.

Episode 3 of The Collin Wynter Channel: Conversation with The State Media

When you watch a documentary twice, and not because you weren’t paying full attention at first, then it must be because of the phenomenal value of the experience. The State Media, a UK organization made up of folks who have a gender critical point of view, has researched and developed such a film. Gender Ideology is broken down into a fourteen part mini-series or you can watch the full length version which is almost two and half hours. Not finished there, they have begun a second season, where they continue their examination of gender ideology and its effects on society. 

Episode 2 of The Collin Wynter Channel: Conversation with Chris Elston

My first protest must have been when I was about seven years old. My best friend’s mother took us to picket the closing of our local library. Since then, I have participated in Pride marches (still a protest of sorts), climate protests, the death of Canada (when Stephen Harper was elected), counter protested anti-gay protesters at the legislative building (in drag), and of course, covid lockdowns. Someone tried shaming me online once for defending the right of Christians to protest covid restrictions on religious gatherings. I have always supported protests, even if I do not agree with what is being protested against. I do no bracket them in the disclaimer “peaceful”. They are, by nature, at times unruly, agitated, loud, and may be disruptive. Disruptive, not destructive. 

Episode 1 of The Collin Wynter Channel: Conversation with Dr David Eberhard

In life there are times when you come across a person who gives you a chance. Possibly this is a stranger or someone you know. You may be seeking a new position within a company, auditioning for a new role, or in my case, starting a podcast. And you need someone to be the first. The first person to be a guest. The first person to say yes. The first person to give you a chance. For myself, that was Dr David Eberhard, a Swedish psychiatrist. I will be forever grateful to him for providing me with this opportunity.

Gender Neutered

Queer is a slur that was used against homosexuals, particularly men, back in the day. Apparently in the 80s it was “reclaimed” and its prominence began to increase in the 90s. An innocuous sounding word, there is little wonder that it found acceptance into common parlance. Especially for those who do not know the history of the word. Queer has been appropriated by persons who consider themselves to be non-binary, gender fluid, etc. The queer identity appears to be a subset of the “trans” umbrella of gender ideological terms. The letter Q is often included in the acronym LGBTQ+ (and variations there of).