Jordan Peterson’s Red Skull is a Lobster

Dr Jordan Peterson has weathered his fair share of controversy over the years. Whether it be to stand up against compelled speech in Canada, defend against misrepresentations of his work, or to put a journalist in their place, he has done so with a degree of integrity that is hard to come by these days.

Sarah Silverman on Caitlyn Jenner

by Collin Wynter On My 6th, Sarah Silverman released a diatribe against Caitlyn Jenner on her podcast because Ms Jenner has stated that trans-girls should not be allowed to compete against biological girls in school team sports.  TMZ cornered Ms Jenner on May 2, and questioned her whether she believed biological boys should be allowedContinue reading “Sarah Silverman on Caitlyn Jenner”

Deepfakes, Surveillance Capitalism and The Cyber Republic

In this paper I shall focus on novel developments in social media, artificial intelligence and the ether realm called the internet. Deepfakes, Surveillance Capitalism, and the Cyber Republic are the topics. Deepfakes are artificially constructed audio and/or visual features that mimic real life. They are a dangerous because they can spread misinformation, create mistrust and invade privacy. This in turn may call into question the validity of audio/visual communication.

New Social Networks and Their Effects in the Public Sphere

Social media can be likened to a tool. Tools have a purpose that may be intrinsic to their creation, but creativity allows for unexpected exploitation. Think something as simple as a safety pin to extract a splinter. Electronic systems, on the other hand, are quite a lot more complicated. They have been designed under the purview of connecting the public digitally. Nodes of communication allow for the dissemination of information at speeds and magnitudes bracketed only by the service providers. The type of data transmitted vary, though.

Social Media and Modern Day Uses

Social media is everywhere. It not only exists on your smart devices, but can be found in everyday conversations. Social media could be considered to have originated via chatrooms and e-zines, but we can now experience it a multitude of forms. There is audio, such as podcasts. Video, which YouTube originally dominated, but has migrated into Facebook and Twitter, among others. More novel is Clubhouse, which allows real time conversations with a moderator. And this is just the beginning.

Social Media Companies and Free Speech

“Many people in the West have a poor understanding of the concept of free speech. Whenever I mute or block someone on social media, a cacophony of fools will accuse me of being a free speech hypocrite for ‘silencing their voice’.  They do not understand that I have a right to walk away from their online taunts, insults and idiocy. To do so is not ‘restricting’ their speech but expressing my right to avoid listening to them. This is an obvious point, and yet many people are confused by it.”