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Food Lies on a Spectrum

Food lies on a spectrum. On one end is nutritional, enjoyable, healthy food. At the other end is food like products. In between lies food items like: has nutritional value but can cause inflammation, sweet and tasty but can spike insulin levels, healthy food sprayed with pesticides, and animals raised in poor conditions and improperly fed. Let’s examine this spectrum and see how we can make our best choices.

Enjoy Learning to Cook

Cooking can be an enjoyable experience. Whether following a recipe, improvising or just doing it tapas style, having a basic understanding of foods can provide you with a foundation to help assist creating your own meal plan and nutritional needs. Here are some tips and tricks I recommend.

What’s on a Primal grocery list?

What should be on your grocery list1? That’d depends on a few factors. What life do you want to lead? How do you want to feel, both intrinsically in your mentality and extrinsically in your body? Food has a powerful affect and effect on the individual2. There are several different diets that correlate to eachContinue reading “What’s on a Primal grocery list?”