Covid Fans are Cheering on the Pandemic

re are some people who simply will not give up blaming the unvaccinated for the woes of the pandemic because it makes it easier for them to direct their anger at a more tangible source than the government. In the beginning of covid when everyone was unvaccinated, people were being blamed for breaking the rules, then catching and spreading covid.

Medical Misinformation, Malpractice?

“Your risk from COVID 19 is not determined by age, fitness level, or your community…” Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) tweeted out Monday, October 18, 2021, in an apparent attempt to convince people to get vaccinated. They completed their messaging with a statement that about 78% of cases and hospitalizations for covid 19 were unvaccinated. Putting the latter aside for a moment, it is important to state that the first part of their premise is incorrect. 

Joe Rogan is Strong Like Horse

Joe Rogan, ultra popular podcast host is well known for having controversial opinions and guests on his show. Even after the controversy involving his Spotify contract and deleting some episodes from that catalogue, he appears to be undeterred to have open and honest conversations. A recent hot topic of discussion was about his personalized treatment to contracting covid 19.