Thinkers Forever Remembered

Any attempt to distill the history of philosophy into anything but a lifetime of study would but to not do it justice. There must always be a starting point into this enquiry, though. Information must be disseminated in a manner that is accessible and desirable. There are many doors that may be opened to the depths of wisdom.

The Gender Identity Wars

trans ideology. Criticism may be levelled at this list for not including works by authors who consider themselves to be trans. All in good time. The way some writers address the topic of trans causes much consternation. This list includes twelve books (and a bonus!) that I recommend as a way to understand the concerns of allowing gender identity to determine social organization. 

Covid Fans are Cheering on the Pandemic

re are some people who simply will not give up blaming the unvaccinated for the woes of the pandemic because it makes it easier for them to direct their anger at a more tangible source than the government. In the beginning of covid when everyone was unvaccinated, people were being blamed for breaking the rules, then catching and spreading covid.

Swimming in the Shallow Pool of Narcissism

In an exclusive interview with SwimSwam, Lia Thomas, a transgender athlete, recounted the experience of transitioning from male to female, and the subsequent outcome for participation with the University of Pennsylvania’s (UPenn) swim team. It was in 2018 that Thomas realized that he was transgender. There was a feeling of being “trapped” in one’s own body as a man. So, Thomas took steps to start identifying as a member of the gentler sex.