Who’s Driving the Narrative?

Who’s driving the narrative of the trucker convoy protest that is currently situated in Ottawa Toronto and the Ambassador Bridge at the Canada US border crossing in Ontario; Emerson crossing and Winnipeg in Manitoba; Coutts in Alberta; Victoria in BC; Montreal in Quebec, among other cities and places across the Canada; is it the truckers, the politicians or the media? Who will win public opinion to affect government policy and have the restrictions and mandates removed from Canadian society? This is no easy and simple answer. As we shall see, there are a variety of interests and actors attempting to shape the protest into a political crisis that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau desires to use to his political ends.

A Brief Analysis of WPATH SOC8

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health is an international organization that sets standards of care (SOC) to be disseminated to country based organizations down to the grassroots level. These standards affect all aspects of what is known as “trans health care” and influences all persons involved, even the general public. They released a preliminary version of their SOC version 8 for review, and requested feedback. Below are just some of my thoughts on the document, which you can learn more about here. For those not fully abreast of the organization and its mandate, the sections may appear disjointed. I will be releasing a more detailed analysis when their final version is released next summer. Suffice to say, there are many concerning recommendations; the least of which being, the apparent argument going on within the document itself, between a narrative of development medical professionals concerned about the medicalization of children, versus activists willing to sacrifice the childhood for their ideological belief in the transgender identity.

Revving Up the Engines, Part 3 of The Great Canadian Protest

‘The Liberals’ and the left wing media’s narrative is crumbling’, is a common exposition by those who have been watching the Freedom Convoy protest in earnest. As there continues to be no actual evidence that the protestors are “right wing extremists”, that they are the decried anti-vaxxers so feared by Trudeau, that they have violent intentions to tear down the government, the propaganda by those salivating at such a scenario, is ramping up

Fuelling Up on Freedom

they worry they can’t afford food. It’s for the 60 year old small business man who has spent his entire adult life building up an enterprise and watching it wiped out. It’s for the depressed 14 year old who’s been locked out of school. It’s for the families that can’t take it anymore. It’s for the people who want to stand up and speak for their freedoms. It’s for all those that our government and our media have insulted and left behind. It’s for the people who work hard to put food on our table, to stock our shelves and to make this country work. It’s for all that is great and that attracts hundreds of thousands of people from across the world to come here. They come here not for the warm weather but for our freedom and that’s why we are gathered here today. Freedom not fear. Truckers not Trudeau.”

Keep on Truckin’

“The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa are holding unacceptable views that they’re expressing, do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other who know that following the science and stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, rights, and values as a country.”

How to design your home yoga practice

Yoga, a Sanskrit work meaning “to yoke”, refers to the drawing in of the mind and the body and uniting oneself to a more fulfilled individual. Yoga can be divided into several disciplines: bhakti, jnana, haha, raja, ashtanga, among others. Hatha yoga perhaps the most common practice in the west, refers to the physical asana practice. Hatha is often translated as forceful. Make this distinct from abusive. Having and knowing how to apply force is useful. It is not something to be shunned or derided. Asana means easy pose, and often times you will hear the yoga postures referred to in Sanskrit names, ending with asana.

Overview of Western Philosophy

ow to achieve such an end? Theology, Science or Philosophy? They are interwoven, yet with distinct markers of what it means to be of one disciple or another. Our focus will be on the love for wisdom, but as will be seen, often it is both scientists and religious scholars, that share the same dreams. This is part one of a four part series. Below is Ancient Greece to the Scientific revolution. This overview will be presented as a flow of concepts, with names of the philosophers and their contributions, rather than an ordered list of individuals. Persons who contributed to mathematics and the physical sciences will be included minimally. An overview of the history of science is a project for another time.

The Battle for Waterloo

An Ontario school is back in the news. No, not for a board president wearing a keffiyeh, a symbol of Palestinian resistance, during a meeting to censure a Jewish trustee. No, not for the pervasive “wokeness” eroding children’s education. No, not for teaching kids to view each other through a lens of racial division. No, not for the harms caused to children by closing schools instead of making them safer to be in. No, not for literal book burning. This time we have the Waterloo school trustees censoring an educator who is expressing concerns about transgender ideology being presented to students.

Words of the Alphabet

I was briefly a member of Toastmasters, a club designed to improve one’s presentation and speaking skills. I believe that it has merit and one should explore their programs. Alas, time was not on my side. One aspect I enjoyed, from the few classes attended, was the word of the day. The member who was the Toastmaster for that session, would present a word, and the definition, to the group. It would be a challenge to see who could use the word the most in the session.