“Woman,” not “Person”

in medical trials ruined women’s health. This was a well researched article devoted to analyzing the female body in relation to science and medicine in particular. Through a review of scientific research, literature and a historical analysis, Gabrielle Jackson provided a perspective that women’s bodies were once viewed as an offshoot, or secondary, to men’s. The medical profession seemed to misconstrue the nature of woman.

Gender Cynical, A Personal Story

Something strange is going on. Within the Pride movement there are bullies. Trans activists. Demands are being made at conferences. Threats posted online. GSAs taken over. Gay men told to take a back seat. Lesbians denied sex segregated spaces. Gender neutral language driving misogyny. Experimentation on children. Identities being subsumed under acronyms.

Joe Rogan is Strong Like Horse

Joe Rogan, ultra popular podcast host is well known for having controversial opinions and guests on his show. Even after the controversy involving his Spotify contract and deleting some episodes from that catalogue, he appears to be undeterred to have open and honest conversations. A recent hot topic of discussion was about his personalized treatment to contracting covid 19.