Fuel, Fitness and Focus

Life certainly isn’t easy.  But neither is it hard. Life is challenging.  And the real question is, are you up for the challenge? Life seems to be constantly testing you. Whether it is your job, schooling, social or family life, obstacles present themselves in a variety of forms. By being healthy in mind and bodyContinue reading “Fuel, Fitness and Focus”

Juxtaposing the Primal with the Practical

There is a conundrum between primal living and how our world works. How do we resolve this? Isn’t it contradictory for me to be preaching the benefits of a primal way of life, while using tech and social media to promote its potential? And the answer is yes and no. It is not always a clear answer. It depends on the perspective, but in the end it’s about moderation, control and intent.

Welcome to Primal Action

Welcome to Primal Action Health Coaching. I am uber excited to be introducing you to the wellness programming that I have been working on for many years. It’s all come to fruition in the past couple months by signing up for the Primal Blueprint Health Coaching certification, which I am nearing to completion.