Building the Sasquatch Tribe

Building the Sasquatch Tribe

by Collin Wynter

Dear Substack Subscribers,

As always, I would like to begin with a thank you from a place of gratitude. I began this substack just under a year ago, and it has become such a great success, all through your support. I have already sent out a few newsletters with my thoughts on how I will be proceeding with substack and my life goals in general. This will be an ever evolving project, so from time to time, I may change course depending on feedback and personal drive. 

As it stands now, I will continue to use my substack column to present my writings on cultural topics. Currently, the situation in Ukraine is dominating the news cycle. I know very little about foreign policy and war. I could comment on the use of media to spread a propagandized narrative. However, I am choosing not to involve too much on my time on this issue. Not because this does not matter, but simply, I wish to spend my time on developing a grass roots approach to building community (see below). For myself, to make any specific commentary on Ukraine, would be absurd and a waste of everyone’s time. I recommend you listen to these podcast hosts to get a sense of what is going on:

Triggernometry, Victor Davis Hanson, Tom Woods, Megyn Kelly. 

Their pods focus on a brand range of issues, but they have all either commented on, or been interviewed about, the dire crisis Ukraine (and Russia) are facing. The only remarks that I will make is this: War Mongers exists on all sides; the drive of money to produce weapons; an ideological desire to gain power; propaganda is being used to shape hearts and minds. Remember, it is: We The People; who will: Suffer the Sins of the Despots. We see this in the loss of life, the continued attempts to divide, and the rising cost of living. The way to end this is through building community, protest, and in a democracy, vote out those who favour war over peace. This is not being naive. I am not saying never to defend oneself with weapons. But do not be fooled. Weapons in the hands of those who believe they are above the rest, will treat the people as cannon fodder.

The current situation in Canada remains tenuous, at best. I will write more on this soon. The Trudeau Liberals have far outstepped their rights as politicians. The attack on citizens via financial institutions, doxxing, propaganda, Bill C 11 (the return of internet censorship), the Bill to “explore” a UBI, the housing crisis, the energy crisis, the healthcare crisis. Canada is at a crossroads. We can either succeed through a conservative government or we can perish in a globalist mire of socialist policies. I believe it is far past the time we demand the return of citizens rights, and the implementation of government responsibility and transparency, with serious consequences for: lack of action, corrupt ethics violations, and general incompetence. Yes, incompetence must be held accountable. The political parties are choosing faces who will win votes, rather than persons with integrity, who will uphold our values and institutions. They fear losing, more so, then protecting our country sinking into destitution. 

As for the reason why I have been silent this week, I have taken the time to work on my health and wellness business, Primal Action. This is something that I began before the pandemic and stopped during it. That might seem odd, why would I stop a health coaching business during the pandemic? Personally, I need to connect with people face to face. Being online simply was not an option for me. Although I obviously use social media and zoom for meetings, to be able to be a health coach, I felt a need for it to be in person. As I have been working this past week, it has dawned on me that we need to re-build community. There is a space for a grassroots movement to drive the reclaim of identity, that has been usurped by the medical bureaucrats and nanny state politicians who actually believed the people are not intelligent enough to be able to make decisions for themselves. This is a danger to a true liberal democracy. 

I have elevated Primal Action Health Coaching to include building community. This community I am calling my Sasquatch Tribe. Becoming a member of the tribe gains you access to private networking opportunities, health and wellness coaching, e-books, courses, discounts on merch, in person invites. If you are already a substack subscriber you are automatically enrolled (if the Sasquatch Tribe does not interest you, you may opt-out). I intend to use my infamous Sasquatch Dancing Man persona to spread a message: Disconnect to reconnect; Don’t be so available- become a Sasquatch. Please check out my website: for more details. I will continue to use my substack to provide information on this project, with information on health, nutrition and philosophy.

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