Manitoba Premier sends private letter to PM requesting help

In a letter obtained by the Winnipeg Free Press dated Feb. 11, Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson called for assistance from the federal government to end the blockade at the Emerson border.

The border has since been cleared, the majority of protests have diminished, and the Emergency Act that was initiated has been revoked.

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Addressed to the Prime Minister, Stefanson called for “immediate and effective” action to solve the issue as the crossing was “essential” for the vast majority of trade to and from Manitoba.

Collin Wynter @collin_wynterPremier’s letter to PM contrasts with public remarks about blockadePremier Heather Stefanson pleaded in a private letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to intervene at the Emerson border blockade just days before she publicly opposed his decision to enact the federal Emergencies Act against protesters. In a Feb. 11 letter obtained by the Free Press, Stefanson ask…winnipegfreepress.comFebruary 25th 2022

This appears to contradict what Stefanson has said publicly in regards to Trudeau invoking the Emergency Act.

On the government website, it states that she was “not currently satisfied the Emergencies Act should be applied in Manitoba,” as this situation is different form that in Ottawa and the Windsor border blockade. 

Stefanson claimed that her government will follow “advice of the law enforcement professionals in the RCMP and Winnipeg Police Service” and that they “respect democratic, peaceful and lawful protests.” She also believes “[a]ll of the protesters have been heard.” 

She cautioned “against overreach and unintended negative consequences,” that use of the Act may entail.

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The premiers of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Quebec, had also spoken out against the use of the Act

Premiers Scott Moe (SK) and Jason Kenny (AB), even co-signed a letter with 16 governors calling for Trudeau to end the vaccine mandate for truckers.

The blockade at Emerson that began on Feb. 10 resolved peacefully via negotiations with the RCMP, which included a guarantee no charges would be laid.

A spokeswoman for Stefanson attempted to clarify the matter by noting the premier was requesting mediation to “de-escalate tensions at the border” from the prime minster. But she harbours concerns over the“unprecedented use of this sweeping legislation.”

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