Why I Left Canada

Why I Left Canada

by Collin Wynter

When Canada entered into its second year of lockdowns, dread of facing another Canadian winter, I knew I had to escape for my own sanity. I am an extrovert. That has been made fully evident to me these past two years. I need to be around people. The consistent and overuse of online tools has a detrimental effect on my- and many others- psychology. What good will I be to society if I become mentally unwell? 

One may point out my excessive use of social media as being hypocritical to the above. That is a fair point. I try to maintain a limited scope of when and how much to engage with it. It is a useful tool for me to do research, spread my message- to get off it!- and promote my work. Like any tool, it can be used for good or ill. Use it less. Seek relationships out more.

I was lucky to be able to leave Canada and start working remotely. Most did not have the option available to them. So, please have compassion for those who appear to be erratic from months of being in an abusive relationship with the government. Even the people who appear to exhibit Stockholm Syndrome. We need all Canadians- all people around the world- to heal and move forward as a community to combat the current government overreach.

That is why, with my substack, I not only write articles of current events, but also include information on philosophy, yoga, fitness, and a swath of other topics. Keeping yourself aware that there is a reality that does not exist under the behest of media propaganda and the covid 19 narrative, is essential for us to remain free. 

I am grateful to all my subscribers. Writing is by far my greatest passion. To have an audience to whom I write, provides me with great meaning. Now, more than ever, independent writing is essential to ensure freedom of speech is maintained. The Trudeau Liberals (among other governments) are continuously enacting ever more draconian policies crippling civil liberties. 

If you have not already done so, I would kindly ask for you to become a paid subscriber. Subscribers receive benefits, such as: audio of my articles, access to yoga classes, discounts on merch (coming), discounts on ebooks (Breath of Fire, An Overview of Western Philosophy, Primal Action Kitchen). Becoming a yearly paid subscriber today, you will receive the yoga ebook: Breath of Fire, free. 

When I left, I was unsure of what the future would hold. I saw little will in Canada to speak out against the Trudeau regime. I misjudged my fellow Canadians. What has occurred this past month in Ottawa has given me hope. Hope that Canadians see through the Trudeau Liberals, hope that we have the majority on side, hope for our children, hope for the future.

I will not be gone from Canada forever, I will be able to- and I have the desire to- return to my home. I am coming back. Stay tuned to The Collin Wynter Channel.

Here is a sample of a yoga class, audio instruction is provided for paid subscribers.

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