Canadians Comment on Trudeau’s Act

Canadians Comment

by Collin Wynter

“We’re not using the emergencies act to call in the military. We’re not suspending fundamental rights or overriding the Charter of Right and Freedoms, we are not limiting people’s freedom of speech, we are not limiting freedom of peaceful assembly, we are not preventing people from exercising their right to protest legally. We are reinforcing the principles, values, and institutions that keep all Canadians free.” [italics added]

-Justin Trudeau, 23rd Primmer Minister of Canada. Second PM to invoke the Emergencies act during peacetime. The first time was when Pierre Elliot Trudeau, his father, invoked it in response to the October Crisis.

Response has been swift from both sides: those in support and those who decry (perhaps there are some in the middle who have not yet made up their minds). The below will feature comments solely from those who are concerned about these actions. Yes, this will be a biased piece in one direction. I will endeavour to follow this up with a more balanced one in the future. Below are fifteen statements about the situation at hand. (Please note, this post appears long as I embedded all the tweets. I did this so you, the reader, can easily access their twitter accounts and give them a follow for some sane information in these media mangled times. The commentary is brief, though, so make sure to read to the end.)

Yasmine Mohammad, author of Unveiled, is a human rights activist, founder of Free Hearts Free Minds, and hosts the Forgotten Feminists podcast. Her statement below is true. Trudeau has praised both China and Castro.

Diana Murphy, whose twitter bio states that she has been working in health care for 30+ years. Her comment highlights the narcissistic tendencies of politicians.

Jon Kay, columnist for the National Post, host of the Quillette podcast, editor for Quillette. Ever insightful, he has been able to cut through the social justice leftists’ rhetoric to point out the flaws in their thinking and the blatant propaganda. It should be noted, he has been very candid about his support for vaccines and even vaccine mandates. He is being quite objective in his take.

Stuart Parker Avowed socialist and President of the Los Altos Institute, which is “a socialist think tank focused on analyzing deep structural issues in late capitalist consumer society…” I had the pleasure of speaking with Stuart on my podcast recently. He intrigued me with an article he wrote called “Smearing an Entire Protest Movement as Fascistic Will Come Back to Haunt My Fellow Leftists.” He has been a longtime campaigner in protesting against detrimental government policy. 

Gad Saad, evolutionary behavioural scientist, host of The Saad Truth podcast, satirical master. He uses wit to slice and dice the absurdity presented by ideologues of any stripe. 

Jordan Peterson, clinical psychologist, author, public speaker, contrarian. He was fairly silent on the issues surrounding covid 19 policy in the beginning, due to some personal issues. However, now that he is back in the public sphere, and paying more attention, it appears he has taken some umbrage towards the Trudeau Liberal regime.

Candace Malcolm, editor-in-chief of True North, a Canadian independent news outlet, host of the Candace Malcolm show. Her coverage of the issues has been consistently on point. Her tweet may be brief, but it states precisely what many in realpolitik think.

Stephen Taylor, media personality, political strategist. He regularly hosts twitter spaces to discuss conservative issues. His remark is poignant. There is a dire need for governments to circumvent the individual from being able to have free access to their own financial resources.

Melissa Mbarki, National Post contributor, member of the MacDonald Laurier Institute, analyst in the energy sector, First Nations activist (my words, and this is a positive when you see how she speaks about the issues). She has provided scathing critiques of the abuse of indigenous people’s to advance social justice ideology. Most pertinent, climate change polices. This is something the Trudeau Liberals are deeply engaged in. Below she recognizes that the negotiating step with the protestors seems to have been skipped. I responded to her on twitter, and have expanded it for this article below:

“Complete abstinence leads to an increased demand for presence and immediate action. When the time was right, he presented a plan to satiate the societal psychological angst. Therefore, people won’t feel that it’s overreach. They’ll think it’s absolutely necessary. It also prob takes a few weeks to get all the players on board.”

Anthony Furey, columnist for True North, columnist and editor for Toronto Sun/ Postmedia, host the Full Comment podcast. He has been following the covid story in detail over the past serval years. One of the few voices that is able to cut through mainstream narrative to provide an accurate picture, rather than an incensed narrative, he ascertains that Trudeau may just be able to continue walking across the constitution.

Lorrie Goldstein, editor emeritus/ columnist Toronto Sun and member of the Canadian News Hall of Fame sets us up for the following comments by the CCLU, posing the question: When did Trudeau decide to put on the black boots of history?

Canadian Civil Liberties Union, whom I thought was a lost cause due to the fact of their social justice rhetoric, have redeemed themselves. It appears they have realized that the weapon Trudeau is intending to wield can be just as easily used against any civil liberties. Not just those of white truckers.

Pierre Poilievre, MP for Carleton, finance critic, leading figure in the conservative movement, who is despised by the statists, is currently running for the Conservative party leadership (which he announced as running to for Prime Minister!) He has been consistent in his messaging that the truckers should be supported in the right to peaceful protest, the subsidized media has continuously smeared them, and that ending the mandates is the solution. Why then, does the Trudeau Liberals do the opposite?

Alan Poirer, is a new name to me, so I only know his bio from twitter, 30 years in newspapers. It is the absurdity of the clown world in which Trudeau seeks to place us, that enticed me to include his tweet here for some added brevity.

Tamara Lich, one of the organizers of the Freedom Convoy. She is routinely condemned as being right wing as she was involved in the Maverick party among other groups. The quote below is shared by Rupa Subramanya, a National Post columnist, and one of the few journalists to have been on the ground speaking to the folks in Ottawa. These are words of courage.

The Freedom Convoy Finally, what occurred on the ground in Ottawa, Monday, February 14, Valentine’s Day, when Trudeau involved the Emergencies Act? Marie Oakes writer for Westphalian News shared this video. This is Canada. These are Canadians. This is who we are. Never allow the Trudeau Liberals, statists or elitists convince you otherwise.

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