Who’s Driving the Narrative?

Who’s Driving the Narrative?

by Collin Wynter

Who’s driving the narrative of the trucker convoy protest that is currently situated in Ottawa Toronto and the Ambassador Bridge at the Canada US border crossing in Ontario; Emerson crossing and Winnipeg in Manitoba; Coutts in Alberta; Victoria in BC; Montreal in Quebec, among other cities and places across the Canada; is it the truckers, the politicians or the media? Who will win public opinion to affect government policy and have the restrictions and mandates removed from Canadian society? This is no easy and simple answer. As we shall see, there are a variety of interests and actors attempting to shape the protest into a political crisis that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau desires to use to his political ends.

To recall, Trudeau first called the trucker convoy a fringe minority. This is right in line with previous comments calling Canadians who disagreed with the mandates as being racist and misogynist. This narrative was quickly dispelled by independent media and some mainstream journalists risking their reputations. This is much to the chagrin of corporate subsidized media. How can the means of cultural production be controlled if the bureaucracies in place do not have primary access to the channels through which media is disseminated? Social media does have its uses.

As the trucker convoy established itself in Ottawa, it was evident that Trudeau played an evasion game, by claiming he was exposed to someone who tested positive fo covid 19. Apparently, one of his children. This allowed him the opportunity to have his press conferences on the matter streamlined through the media channels to which he ascribes. During one media appearance, he stated he only attends the “right” types of protests, such as BLM. A dog whistle, for sure. He proceeded to label the truckers as anti-semitic, transphobic and islamophobic, as well, perhaps in the hopes to summon other groups of disgruntled persons who he believed would eagerly stir up a ruckus amongst the Ottawa convoy of protestors. 

But no violence has occurred. Oh, there has been some drama. The fake fire bomb, that Jon Kay poignantly noted the absurdity of. Obnoxious imagery being exhibited. Ottawa citizens having meltdowns. Claiming that children are at risk from diesel fumes. It is a dire state of politics when leaders summon up this type language to cast a hypnotic spell: occupation, insurgency, surge and contain. These narratives continue to be used in an attempt to drive protestors away.  The government also takes action. Confiscating fuel. Interfering with Go Fund Me and Give Send Go. Compassion must be had for the residents of Ottawa, but it is a falsehood to believe that the citizens are at risk from the protestors. If the city allowed the shops, restaurants and hotels to be open, business would be booming. Keeping them closed further damages the economy. The great covid-lords just cannot accept the fact that they are in the wrong and it is time for the mandates to end. 

The media continued the racist and violent extremist narrative. They simply will not accept the fact the protestors have bouncy cancels, DJs, a soup kitchen, and have cleaned up the streets. The government will not stand for it. Left wing (ie: social justice) media notes that many of the protestors are white. They will not allow the protestors to portray themselves as valuable citizens when it is necessary for the public view them as thugs. A story of a beer being thrown at a journalist makes an appearance. Insults are hurled at journos. This is not something to be supported, but we should recall that the protesters have been demonized by the media repeatedly before this situation arose.

It escalates, as there are attempts to disrupt the convoy’s ability to continue its operations- that is the protest. The government and media still continue with the narrative of white supremacy. While new convoys and blockades emerge. Calls to end to the protest, or else the public will no longer be on their side, are being made to no avail. Criticism of the Conservatives is raised for their support of the truckers and called out for hypocrisy. They condemned the rail blockades previously. But in fact they have come out against the border blockades.

Three Liberal MPs have come out against Trudeau to varying degrees. There is great dissent in the party, I believe. With the divisive rhetoric Trudeau and his cronies have spewed, I would predict most of the caucus is disgusted. As distrustful as I am of politicians, particularly the Trudeau Liberals- the most corrupt government Canada has seen, in my humble opinion- the caucus is still made of Canadians, many of whom may be afraid for their jobs. One need only think go what happened to Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott. It should also be noted, that even Jaghmeet Singh has entreated Trudeau to deal with this appropriately. Perhaps the question has been floated, where is the unions political party, the New Democrats, in all of this? Oh yes, and an opportunity to redeem himself after calling the protestors white supremacists. If that bastion of support left the NDP, they would be finished. Conservatives have also spoken out against the protest. A Conservative senator left the caucus and joining another.

The protests is far from over. As this is being written, more Canadians have travelled to Ottawa and other spots to lend their support. The government and subsidized media continue their attempt to paint the protestors are violent thugs. The smallest act that they can produce in a negative light is done so at an alarming speed. Journalists continue to hurl their insults on prime time television. While the protesters keep sensing out a message of love.

We must remember, this is Canada, and the animosity grows thin here very quick. An “eh” and a handshake is much more our style, tempers are tempted and wear off. It is not a desire for animosity, but for reconciliation, that Canadians seek. That is why it is so distressing to see our Prime Minister actively seeking to mold the protest into an unruly mob of which he can manipulate to his own ends. I have faith in my fellow Canadians, though, to stay True North Strong and Free and to not let themselves be driven to the acts of terror that the media salivates to portray as some absurd January 6th narrative.

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