Fuelling Up on Freedom

Fuelling Up on Freedom

by Collin Wynter 

“This is a rally for truckers, but it’s also a rally for the 60% of Canadians who say they worry they can’t afford food. It’s for the 60 year old small business man who has spent his entire adult life building up an enterprise and watching it wiped out. It’s for the depressed 14 year old who’s been locked out of school. It’s for the families that can’t take it anymore. It’s for the people who want to stand up and speak for their freedoms. It’s for all those that our government and our media have insulted and left behind. It’s for the people who work hard to put food on our table, to stock our shelves and to make this country work. It’s for all that is great and that attracts hundreds of thousands of people from across the world to come here. They come here not for the warm weather but for our freedom and that’s why we are gathered here today. Freedom not fear. Truckers not Trudeau.”  

-Pierre Poilievre Member of Parliament for Carleton 

 “[T]here are people who are opposed to vaccines, that don’t believe in science, that are often misogynists, racist.” 

-Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Here is but one photo and one video of the “Freedom From Fear”, the “Trucker Convoy 2022”, the “Freedom Convoy”, and a myriad of other names, denoting the message of the peaceful, courageous men, women and children who are braving freezing temperatures to have their voices heard.

They just don’t get it

The Trudeau Liberals, left wing news outlets, and other politicians that lean towards socialism, do not understand the very precarious situation our country is in at the moment. Or if they do, they believe this is the correct route to be on, which demonstrates severe incompetence. You see, this is more than just about a medical treatment; it is about civil liberties. The authorities and media remain (willfully?) blind to this. The absurdity of the situation is summed up in a few lines from a CBC column citing the “experts”: 

“Truckers already submit to a host of mandatory government safety regulations, from health checks to electronic monitoring of their movements.” They should consider “COVID-19 vaccination added to that long list of job requirements.”

Forget your rights. Submit and obey. Ignore inflation. Blame the unvaccinated. You are secondary to what we deem to be essential. This is the derisive nature of how the protestors are being treated. Take this lovely headline in the Toronto Star, Unvaccinated convoy protesters are selfish, plain and simple. Please, just get the jab. This is the same newspaper who just a few months back, printed on their front page:

Then there is this attempted take down of the protest on twitter: On the left, Canada in July, not during restrictions, where people are incentivized to attend with free music and fireworks shot at the peak of the party; versus a grassroots movement against tyranny, in minus forty weather, with people currently living in poverty all across Canada, under restrictions, with no assistance to attend, at the start of the event. Honest comparison, one thinks not.

How about the the promulgated use of the extremist narrative to sew fear? Canadians will call out extremism at every turn; we are not afraid! Just as those who defaced John A MacDonald, and pulled down the Queen Victoria statue, were criticized, so too- even more so, perhaps- shall those who inappropriately donned the Terry Fox statue with signs and flags (the statue still remains intact) be. As will those who parked in the wrong spot at the National War Memorial (and moved immediately when the police told them to). Include the tweekers, who were dancing at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, to be harangued by society, as well (do not be confused in the video below, standing may also be considered a dance). 

As for the Nazi flag, confederate flag and other instances of inflammatory imagery, these are completely unacceptable and condemned by the vast majority of those in attendance. The media has an invested interest, though, in maintaining any sort of rhetoric that paints this protest in a negative light, rather than do their due diligence; Trucker convoy has evolved into something far more dangerous, is their perspective. At least True North maintains journalistic integrity and seeks to get to the bottom of the story.

Meanwhile, CTV anchor Evan Solomon, is distraught because someone threw a “full beer can” at him, but missed and hit the camera gear instead. Convenient there is no bruise to show. Did they throw it at him because they knew who he was, one wonders? Or was it a random toss? ‘Bro, I’m tossing you a beer’. Could it not have been a friendly Canadian quirk? Please ignore the fact the can is crushed in a manner of someone having finished drinking it. Maybe Solomon shotgunned it, to ease his nerves.

While on the TV, CBC, the state broadcaster, has entered full clown mode, by attempting propaganda that places Russians in the position of instigating the protest. One almost pities the host….

In the end, the leftist media was not successful. The Globe and Mail even had to print the words “The protest was largely peaceful.” No wonder, considering the Ottawa police reported there has been no arrests. Though they tried to weave in their story arc that “police were concerned.” Snipers were seen on roof tops. No police incidents have been recorded, it should be noted.

Trudeau No Go

And where is Trudeau in all of this? As mentioned in my last piece, he is self isolating because someone he was in contact with tested positive for covid. Not enough media traction from that, so the story evolved to say it was one of his children who tested positive. Still not enough victimhoodology for the public, one guesses, so now he has been whisked away to a safe house for fear of what may occur. What would happen if he deigned to grace the presence of the working class on the streets of the capital of the country he is Prime Minister of? Would those snipers have to be employed? Remember, this is the same person who previously tweeted out support for the truckers because they worked throughout the pandemic at a time when concerns about the severity of covid 19 were still unknown.

Poilievre, and several other Conservatives, certainly felt no such worries about the event and met with the protestors.

What is apparent, and hopefully becoming more so to more people, is the desire the Trudeau Liberals have to use a crisis to further their policy directives. Perhaps Trudeau is looking into martial law. Perhaps he is looking on feeding stories to his friends in the media to drape the truckers in cloaks of villainy. Perhaps he is secretly meeting with Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minster of New Zealand, who also just tested positive for covid 19, after locking down her country into a red zone. Perhaps he will emerge on February 2nd, like the National Groundhog, only to see his shadow and call it white supremacy. Or has Jagmeet Singh already beat him to that

What surely will not happen, is an actual introspection of his actions. Trudeau will not review his behaviour and seek to understand how and why he lost the plot. How do I know this? I look to past behaviour to predict future behaviour. I am certainly open to being wrong. But you will have to forgive me if I do not place much hope in a party leader who campaigned on villainizing the “unvaccinated” to win seats in parliament.

In light of all of this, one may wish to look back to another time, another Trudeau, who held his ground in the face of adversity. Who showed true leadership, a willingness to be criticized. Much has been said about his success and policies as a politician, but he faced this head on.

Why do we not see this in our Prime Minister today?

Canadians have a choice. They can choose to continue to live under a divisive government that seeks to tarnish citizens with false labels and turn each other into enemies. Or, we can come together. The time is now. Let us not waste anything more on fighting one another, when it is the government dictates that are driving our society into ruin. Here is the Canada of the future. A Canada of the now. A Canada that will be healed and sealed through Truth and Reconciliation. Do not allow them to divide us. Always remain, True North, Strong and Free.

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