An Abuse of Authority 

An Abuse of Authority 

15 signs that you are in an abusive relationship. 

The Workplace Mental Health Institute released on their Facebook page: “How can you tell if you are in an abusive relationship? Here are 15 signs.” Although, meant for employees to understand how they are being taken advantage of, Chris Martenson, host of the Peak Prosperity podcast, noted how well their categories mapped to the current relationship the public has with the government and their associates. Below, is a modified version that uses Canadian specific examples. The overreach of the Trudeau government, along with the medical bureaucrats and corporate media, into the public’s life, is doing untold amounts of damage. It is very serious, and needs to be stopped.

Stop you from seeing your friends and family

Perhaps the most abusive aspect of covid policies has been to deny family members to opportunity be with each other at their final moments. Long term care homes and palliative care situations in hospitals have let people die alone. Lack of care by staff sometimes being a direct cause. The government has also encouraged snitch lines for neighbours to rat on each other if they see households breaking the arbitrary number of guests, made up by health officials, that are allowed to attend gatherings. Stopping sports, closing gyms, restaurants and schools, along with a myriad of other examples, are ways that the government is interfering in human relationships. 

Won’t let you go out without permission

All provinces and territories have contributed to this abusive tactic in their own ways. However, Quebec certainly has made its mark with its nonsensical curfews. While Trudeau and the Liberals have banned unvaccinated persons from using planes and trains, as well as the ability to cross the border at times.

Tell you what to wear

It appears to be ubiquitous, now, that persons are expected to continue with the charade of wearing masks, even with double and triple vaccinations. The suggestions for children to wear N95 masks brings the situation to a whole new level of abuse. 

Monitor your phone

The Trudeau government has been found out to be monitoring cell phone data. The right to privacy from the government is a civil liberty only despots would transgress.

Monitor what you do

Following in the vein of the above, the government has now created a health monitoring app. After locking the public in their homes, destroying small business, driving up inflation which leads to poverty, interfering in children’s education, ruining relationships, they now seek to collect psychological and emotional data. This, of course, will be used to create services for the public that the government will distribute- as along as you follow certain rules. They even promote substance use, meaning that the government is planning to be involved with pharmaceutical companies to become, what is colloquially known as, drug dealers.

Control your finances

Governments shut down small business, denied citizens the right to work, and instead paid them “free” money which drives up inflation, thereby increasing the costs of everything across the board. This is known as one of the greatest wealth transfers in history. Making the uber rich even more so, while driving the middle class into poverty. 

Control what you watch and read

Beginning already several years back with Trudeau Liberals attempt to ban hate speech and control the internet via Bill C10 and Bill C36, respectively, they now have a new impetus to try and justify their censorship. The claims of misinformation around covid.

Punish you for breaking rules, which change constantly

Constant confusion creates a state of fear in society. This will lead to burnout in the public, distrust of authority and be detrimental to a person’s own psychology when they fail to correctly follow new standards.

Tell you “it’s for your own good” (and they known better)

The nanny state that is the Trudeau Liberals believe that their choices for Canada are in everyone’s best interests, while at the same time benefiting only those in government and contractors who have access. Using “experts” to promote government propaganda, they present an image of authority to suffer no rebuke. 

Don’t allow you to question it & Dismiss your opinions

Only “experts” are allowed to speak about covid policies. Any personal research done by an individuals is brushed aside. Even when that person may have valid credentials. This is an attempt to demean one’s own ability to make their own decisions or come to their own conclusion.

Call you names or shamed you for being selfish and stupid

“Anti-vaxxer” and now the “unvaccinated” are terms used by Trudeau among others, as a way to demean members of the public for not obeying the government’s decree that everyone should take a vaccine. 

Play the victim, blame you when things go wrong

The health care system has not been improved in the past two years (and much linger prior to that). Claiming that the unvaccinated is responsible for the rot in the healthcare system simply is not accurate. It is the government and medical bureau management that has been the issue.

Gaslight you and challenge your memory to sew doubts

Gaslighting is a term referring to discrete incremental changes that someone is noticing subtly but is unable to put their finger on. This final point expands beyond covid and into the globalist perspective of what has been called the “Great Reset”. The Trudeau government appears to be making decisions that align with COIVD 19: The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab. When confronted, they deny it.

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