Mother. Nurse. Adult human female.

Mother. Nurse. Adult human female.

by Collin Wynter

To be or not to be gender critical? That is the question currently facing 21st century feminism. And it is being answered. Many women are standing up and speaking out about their concerns regarding trans radical activism (TRA) and its implications for women. 

One such heroine is Amy Hamm. Mother. Nurse. Adult human female. 

Exercising her right to freedom of speech, Hamm co-sponsored a billboard in Vancouver, Canada with Chris Elston. The message: I ❤︎ JK Rowling.

Two years ago there would have been no controversy around such an installation. Then again, there would have been no need, for Rowling was still in the good graces of the woke mob. But after a series of actions on twitter, Rowling no longer had their support

During the mere 30 hours it was up, the billboard had been vandalized. A local politician took to twitter to condemn it, as it would “stoke hate, exclusion & division.” Transgender advocate, Morganne Oger, believes it was a devious. The attacks did not stop there.

Two unnamed complainants made allegations against Hamm. They were directed to the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives where she is employed. One complaint, from a “self proclaimed” social justice activist, insinuated that Hamm was no longer fit to be a nurse because of her supposed “transphobia.” The other, anonymous, accused her of “promoting and stoking hate speech towards trans and gender‐diverse communities”.

Hamm, a single mother of two, now fights for her right to a career that she paid to be educated in. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is representing her.

She’s not backing down on her beliefs, though. Quoted in a CBC article, Hamm says: “I don’t think it’s possible for women to defend their legal rights or even the definition of womanhood if anybody can say that they are a woman and it will be so.” 

In this battle for the identity of woman, Hamm contributes to The Post Millennial, has written for Quilette, organizes events through the group GIDYVR, as well as, co-hosts a podcast Gender Critical Story Hour. 

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