Episode 5 of The Collin Wynter Channel: Conversation with Dr James Cantor

Episode 5 of The Collin Wynter Channel: Conversation with Dr James Cantor

A specialist in hypersexuality and paraphilias, Dr James Cantor was a perfect guest to speak with regarding the current trend of medicalizing children under the rubric of transgender health care. Having first seen him on Bejamin A Boyce’s podcast, Calmversations, I was excited that he took the time to speak with me also. I have a lot of ideas about transgender ideology, but I do not have access to research facilities. being able to tap into the knowledge of someone who has been studying in this realm for many years, it allowed me to tune tune my thought process. 

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As with all of my guests, Cantor did me the honour of speaking openly and honestly, correcting me when I made an error in speech and was patient as I tried to find the right words to form questions. 

One of the main concerns that we touched upon was the removal of “gate keeping” access to medications and surgeries for gender non-conforming children. Instead of requiring deep psychoanalytic analysis, with a methodological approach, it appears that the medical community is actively suggesting  transitioning gender atypical children. This is not hyperbole. When one reviews affirmation-only therapy, there is a realization it intones a persuasive element. Gustave Le Bon, a Frech polymath, who studied psychology, stated that:

“Mental contagion is, after affirmation and repetition, one fo the most active agents of persuasion.” [emphasis added]

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Luckily, we have Cantor speaking up and reminding the medical profession of the stipulations in their field. Treatments for patients are meant to be in their best interests. Not the whims of current public opinion. Often doctors, therapists and other adults in position of authority, abrogate their duty in favour of social accolades. Like all humans, they have flaws. That is why there is meant to be a safety net of standards. The net has been removed, and parents are being denied their rights. Children are being transitioned socially at schools without parental consent. This has to stop. 

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