Episode 4 of The Collin Wynter Channel: Conversation with Donovan Cleckley

Episode 4 of The Collin Wynter Channel: Conversation with Donovan Cleckley

by Collin Wynter

There are many reasons why I have conversations with people and post them to social media. To demonstrate that you can talk about tendentious topics publicly without fear. To have the difficult conversations with someone you may not necessarily agree with. To talk with someone about their ideas at greater length. To build networks of like minded individuals. Most importantly, to find out valuable information to share with others.

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I first heard Donovan Cleckley on Calmversations with Benjamin Boyce. Cleckley’s depth off knowledge about women’s studies and the female persona was fascinating. I immediately started following him on twitter. His tweets are always on point and have a unique level of analysis. An acerbic wit, he chops up much of what is plastered in social media as truth, into little bits of nonsense. Particularly in the area of transgender ideology and its impact on women’s, gay and children’s rights. And this is what he imparted to me near the beginning of our conversation.

Cleckley correctly pointed out to me, that trans ideology intersects these three groups rights. From same sex spaces, to a sense of identity, and protection from abuse, trans radical actors require the intrusion into these domains to affirm their perceived self.  Luckily, I have a chance to work with him on some future projects and I am looking forward to learning from him.

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A freelance writer, Cleckley has produced in depth essays on women’s and gay liberation, as well as other topics. He has done transcriptions and books reviews. You can support his work on his website, or find him on twitter: @donovancleckley

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And without any further adieu, please click the link below for my conversation with Donovan Cleckley.

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