Episode 1 of The Collin Wynter Channel: Conversation with Dr David Eberhard

Episode 1 of The Collin Wynter Channel: Conversation with Dr David Eberhard

by Collin Wynter

In life there are times when you come across a person who gives you a chance. Possibly this is a stranger or someone you know. You may be seeking a new position within a company, auditioning for a new role, or in my case, starting a podcast. And you need someone to be the first. The first person to be a guest. The first person to say yes. The first person to give you a chance. For myself, that was Dr David Eberhard, a Swedish psychiatrist. I will be forever grateful to him for providing me with this opportunity.

Dr Eberhard is a chief physician in psychiatry. He is also the author of multiple books:

In the Land of Security Addicts (2007, updated 2021), about safetyism culture; How the children took power (2014), about the lack of parenting by adults; among others. He kindly sent me The Great Gender Experiment (2018), which was translated into english, considering my interest in transgender ideology and its effects on children. It provided me with an even greater insight into current gender identity trends and how they cross borders. Not only of english speaking countries, but all “western” countries.

Eberhard lectures and engages in public speaking. He was also interview for the documentary Raised Without Gender. But his Ted Talk The Security Junkie Syndrome about safetyism culture and the harms it is causing to children, is what drove me to want to speak with him. I had been observing the harms safetyism culture for some time. The ubiquitous safe space that originated from a need for gay students to feel safe was transforming into choke hold on maturity. In repose to this, I proposed the concept of peaceful spaces. Wherein it is up to the individual to contribute to peace within the community by their actions alone. Rather than a collectivist approach imbued upon a group through a set of unwritten conventions and guarantees. 

Listening to Eberhard’s TED talk reminded me much of what I thought about safetyism culture. I reviewed his website and found an erudite thinker who had been studying our current state of wokeism culture for over a decade. We discuss how many of these social trends appeared in Sweden prior to other countries in the west. for example, transgender ideology being applied to school children. I pondered if it was true that eating disorders appear to be on the decline, while gender dysphoria appears to be on the increase. Could the one be replacing the other, yet having a similar causes?

Considering this is my very first interview, there were many things for me to learn. Like remembering to hit the record button. So, the video begins about 20 minuets in. With that being said, I believe this to be a valuable conversation and one that you should to listen to.

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And without any further adieu, please click the link below for my conversation with Dr David Eberhard.

Conversation with Dr David Eberhard

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