Children are at Risk

Children are at Risk

by Collin Wynter

Bad actors have infiltrated our institutions.

Children are being indoctrinated with ideologies.

We need you to Stand Up and Speak Out.

Anti-racism. Transgender ideology. Anti-fascism. May be taught to your children in school. 

What is Anti-racism?

Anti-racism is the idea that it is not good enough not to be racist. Instead, you must actively seek out racism. To find the supposed racism that exists in our society, anti-racists look at “systems” of inequality. Wherever there is racial inequality, they claim it is because of racism. 

All encounters between people should be viewed through a lens of anti-racism. They believe that it is not if, but how, racism occurs in each situation. To support their assertions, they claim people are subject to unconscious bias.

What is the problem with anti-racism?

It completely ignores historical facts. Western liberal democracies are some of the least racist societies to have existed. Considering the minimal levels of racism that exist, mostly benign, anti-racists must fabricate situations to suit their narrative. They create a ghost in the machine. The cite micro-aggressions. By continuously forcing people to act as if racism is endemic, they seek to reinforce the belief that racism is foundational in our society. Anyone who speaks out against this pernicious idea will be branded a racist. This will create a society of distrust.

What is transgender ideology?

Transgender ideology is the belief that people can change gender because gender is a social construct that is “fluid.” Gender is considered to be a subjective experience and is innate. Some argue that gender is fixed and that biological sex is a social construct. No longer must a transgender person receive hormones or cross sex surgery to be considered a member of the opposite sex. Now many are able to Self Identify as any gender they choose. Trans, queer, non-binary are some of the ‘gendered’ terms they use. Gender identity is now a protected characteristic in many countries. Misgendering someone, is when you do not accurately refer to someone using the proper gendered terms or pronouns they have chosen. This is considered hate speech.

What is the problem with transgender ideology?

This ideology tries to replace biological sex with gender. Many people who identify as transgender experience a multitude of cognitive disorders. Some are vicious bullies. Instead of receiving proper therapy, their purported identity is affirmed. Self ID allows for predatory males to gain access to women’s and children’s private spaces. Schools are teaching this ideology to children. Some children become medicalized through the use of puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and life altering surgeries. Although associated with the gay rights movement, it is actually in contradiction to it. Many gay rights activists do not agree with the transgender ideology. Anyone who speaks out against this insidious idea is labeled a transphobe. It is not transphobic to stand up and speak out against an attack on human rights.

What is anti-fascism?

Anti-fascism is a social-political movement based on defeating fascism. Anti-fascists believe that fascism exists today and that the “systems” that support it must be dismantled. It has its roots in communism and can be considered part of the broader socialism political rubric. They want to eliminate capitalism and replace it with a more ‘fair system’ of wealth distribution.They want centralized control of society. Defunding the police is part of their mandate. Only when there is a complete collapse of society, will the revolution be complete. 

What is the problem with anti-fascism?

Like the prior two, it is based off lies and deceit. Our society is not founded on fascism, nor is fascism widely practiced (if at all). The term fascists is so diluted, that they will name anyone a racist who they disagree with. This is an excuse for anti-fascists to behave as terrorists and for the media to cover them as if they were simply social justice activists. Their ranks are filled with many severely mentally ill people, including anti-racists and transgender persons. They commit violent crimes, often harming those least fortunate. They influence youth by only telling one side of history- the violent cruel side- and leave out the accomplishments of the human spirit (unless it involves one of their idols). They are willing to cause mayhem and harm anyone to achieve their ends. They are intentionally trying to cause chaos and damage institutions. 

These ideologies, or subsets of them, are being taught across countries and around the world. No longer can you think “that only happens in that place.” It is most likely happening in your city or town. There has been a long march through the institutions over decades. While western liberal democracies have enjoyed their opulence, they have become complacent. 

What can you do?

Start organizing today. Contact other parents who you think will be open to listening. Get the community involved. Remember Block Parent? Together you can keep your children safe.

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