What the P in Progressive Stands For

What the P in Progressive Stands For

by Collin Wynter

On August 31, Project Veritas released an investigation into the actions of a teacher at Inderkum Highschool, California. During the undercover interviews, the journalist discovered: the teacher was trying to indoctrinate students into antifa/communist ideology; that he was sending children out to ‘social justice’ events for class credit; and that he bullied children who questioned his ideology. Some imagery in the class included: a portrait of Chairman Mao, the Antifa Flag, and the ubiquitous rainbow Pride Flag.

Perviously, in June, the Wi Spa incident occurred. This is the case of a biological male, claiming to be a transgender woman, gaining access to the women’s only section of the spa. During his time there, he exposed himself to women and girls. Left wing media labelled this a hoax because they claimed there was no such transgender woman there. When it was confirmed that a male who identified as a transgender woman was in fact present, the narrative changed to labelling those who objected a “transphobe”. Protests occurred outside the spa. The protestors were confronted by antifa, violence ensued. Turns out that the man in question is well known by the police for sexual violations and is a registered sex offender.

Fairfax county school board 

Although antifa is not involved in the Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) incident, for the time being, it certainly does involve indoctrination, sexual violations and the abuse of the gay rights movement. 

During a September 23 FCSB meeting, a mother courageously spoke about her concerns that child pornography was available in the district schools’ libraries. Stacey Langton presented two books at the meeting, Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison and Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe.

Langton became aware of these books from a Texas school board meeting:

“After seeing a September 9th school board meeting in Texas on pornography in schools, I decided to check the titles at my child’s high school, Fairfax High School. The books were available, and we checked them out. Both of these books include pedophilia, sex between men and boys. The illustrations include fellatio, sex toys, masturbation, and violent nudity.”

[Photos of the books are not included in this article. To see photos please click here.]

There are currently 11 copies Lawn Boy in the library system. Daily Wire, who covered this story, includes a list of other concerning books a parent may wish to be aware of in their article. 

While presenting the books, the board attempted to silence her. An apparently false claim was made that children were in attendance, her mic was cut off and a plains-clothed security guard claimed she had to leave the podium, as it was his time to speak, which is an obvious lie.

Asra Nomani, Vice President of the parental advocacy organization, Parents Defending Education, was in attendance. She recorded the meeting and shared the video on twitter and detailed the event in her substack. You can clearly see the obstinance in the board and their abrupt recess in light of these revelations. 

Langton won the battle in the end, as the two books have been suspended from circulation. But not before a member of the board tweeted that she felt the meeting had been disrupted because of the language used. The language in concern was verbatim from the books in question. More troubling, is the fact that Karl Frisch, another board member, seemed more cornered about defending “LGBTQIA+ students, families and staff”, than exorcising pedophilia from the the library circulation.

“It’s not every week the School Board receives two exorcisms during public comment. To be clear, nothing will disrupt our Board’s commitment to LGBTQIA+ students, families, and staff. Nothing.”

Parents must stand up and speak out about these issues at their school board meetings, teachers’ meet and greets and in the public square. Accessing organizations such as  Parents Defending Education and Partners for Ethical Care will provide a person with resources and networking valuable to navigating the current transgender craze- among other issues.

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