Gender Neutered

Gender Neutered

by Collin Wynter

Queer is a slur that was used against homosexuals, particularly men, back in the day. Apparently in the 80s it was “reclaimed” and its prominence began to increase in the 90s. An innocuous sounding word, there is little wonder that it found acceptance into common parlance. Especially for those who do not know the history of the word. Queer has been appropriated by persons who consider themselves to be non-binary, gender fluid, etc. The queer identity appears to be a subset of the “trans” umbrella of gender ideological terms. The letter Q is often included in the acronym LGBTQ+ (and variations there of).

Gender neutered

In a Winnipeg Free Press article entitled Breaking binary, which is a brief expose on ditching the male-female “tradition”, in favour for a gender neutered approach. The piece focuses on a trio of teachers who identify as queer. It appears that at least two of the teachers were experiencing self esteem issues prior to changing their gender identity from female to queer. 

Marley Dewar is quoted as saying,

“It’s completely changed my attitude about myself in the class. I find that I’m more confident and I feel more myself. I feel visible and seen.” (emphasis added)

While Kim Cao correspondingly said,

“It would have created a lot of relief for me, in terms of my own internalized shame and decentralized homophobia or transphobia, that I struggled with growing up.”

As with much of woke jargon, it is unclear what “decentralized homophobia or transphobia” is.

The third teacher appeared confused as to why some children have a difficulty using gender neutral terms rather than the biologically based female pronouns.

“It makes me wonder: is it just that this is a word that they have never heard before, and that’s why it’s easy to pick up? Whereas, changing from she/her to they/them involves language they’re familiar with and that unsettles them?”

Any teacher who is requiring students to use language that “unsettles them” many wish to rethink their teaching methods.  

A consistent pattern to be found in transgender ideology, which queer identity is apart of, is a deep rooted need to be seen as the person they understand themselves to be subjectively. Many of these people experience gender dysphoria. When a person experiences gender dysphoria they do not feel their gender is in line with their biological sex. Nowadays, instead of receiving therapeutic treatment, the affirmation-only technique is used. This scenario requires others to accept the subjective gender identity of the gender dysphoric person. In essence, they need their identity validated by others around them through constant and consistent affirmation.

Queer positive

“Fatt Butcher” is not a name that one would associate with a children’s event. Just because it is billed as a “kids party” it does not mean innocent fun. Adam Carver, the drag queen of the above mentioned pseudonym, believes that his event simply supports “artists and organisations to make and programme queer positive performance for children and young audiences.”

Queer positive performance is not a kids show that I recall seeing in my youth.

Jo Bartosch, writing for Lesbian and Gay News, queried Carver as to the age appropriateness of his event. Bartosch discovered that many of his “performances to adults are pornographic, featuring bondage gear, sex toys and sadomasochistic scenes”. This is shared openly on his social media. He responded to these concerns by stating that “[a]rtists create work for a range of audiences.” That there is nothing to worry about, for his children’s event has been “carefully crafted to ensure all the content is suitable for ages 3-8.” And he claimed that, 

“All of our lives include activity that would be unsuitable to present or discuss with under 18s, this is an understood part of life.” 

Apparently, this “understanding” is not afforded to LGBTQ+ people as they only perceived sexually and it is not taken into account that some of these people may in fact be parents. These parents, however, may disagree with the above statements.

Safe space schools, the ones to first come across Carver’s work, made the following comment in regards to events such as this receiving public funding,

“We continue to be appalled by the inability of those charged with safeguarding the nation’s children to apply due diligence to what they are promoting and to identify red flags.”

Queer incidents

How many should be listed?

  • A trans-identified man who was a convicted sex offender participated in a drag queen story hour reading books to children.
  • The rainbow dildo butt monkey, from the UK, also was booked to read to children in a library 
  • A man self identifying as a woman gained access to the women’s section of a spa, wherein he exposed himself to women and girls. 
  • A teacher who required their students to pledge allegiance to the ‘progressive’ rainbow flag?
  • Lawn Boy and Gender Queer, books available to students as young as 12, graphically depict under age sex and pedophilia.

Won’t somebody please think of the children?

Any adult who has concerns with the above points is not overreacting. These are serious incidents that open the door to sexual deviants. That is one of the concerns about the use of the LGBTQ+ acronym. What does the plus sign mean?

When teachers enter the school system, when artists are given grants, when libraries open their doors, it is an expectation that children’s safety and best interests are at the forefront. There appears to be a discordance in this matter. Children are constantly being put at risk.

Cao, one of the queer teachers mentioned in the beginning of this piece, is proactively interfering with the child parent relationship. Modelling for the child that it is okay to lie to their parents, create a false identity, and demand that others participate in their gender dysphoria. 

As reported in the WFP she,

“[H]anded out sheets to students during orientation sessions this year to give them each an opportunity to introduce themselves privately, disclose preferred pronouns, and indicate what they would like to be called at school, as well as the name they would like Cao to use should the educator need to call home,”

The excuse that “students from gender and sexual-diverse backgrounds” require some sort of special tutelage on how to be themselves is the height of hubris. Gender dysphoria is a social contagion. It has spread through social media and now is being being spread through the schools. What ever happened to allowing children the right to grow up without interference from adults? This will not end until the parents stand up and speak out. Let us hope it is not too late.

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