Indoctrination Instead of Education

Indoctrination Instead of Education

by Collin Wynter

Project Veritas (PV) has released another undercover investigation into the actions of authority figures using their position to propagandize society into socialism. This time, it involves a teacher at Inderkum High in California school, indoctrinating children in becoming antifa style revolutionaries.

Published on August 31, PV provides footage of a conversation with California AP Government teacher, Gabriel Gipe. During the interview, Gipe is on record saying that he intended to turn the students into “revolutionaries” by “scaring the f*ck out of them”, that he is “probably as far left as you can go” and that there are at least three other teachers in the school that share the same beliefs.

At first, the Natomas Unified School District resisted the attempt to be shown the footage. Possibly because Veritas went to administration unannounced with live video. The schools district did release a statement extricating themselves from association. After the footage had been seen by the community and parents, Veritas were granted an interview with the Superintendent Chris Evans.

Evans appeared to be receptive to the information Veritas provided.

At the meeting with the board, there had been a lot of anger. Demands for the board to step down. Shouts for their children to be free of indoctrination. Several persons cited their families dedication to the armed forces. The school board was not able to respond at that time. 

Some of the concerns surrounded the fact that Gipes assigned students to attend antifa events for credit; that he used stamps for marking papers in the likeness of Mao and Stalin; and that he shamed students for not sharing his beliefs.

Investigation into the classroom showed that Gipes proudly hung the antifa flag, the Korean communist flag and a poster of Chairman Mao. He also included the rainbow flag on his wall, which is ubiquitous in the pride movement.

Natomas Unified School District began the process on September 1 of removing the Gipes from his position. The letter sent to the Natomas Unified community included a policy statement outlining the fact that they do not support political indoctrination. It is unclear if other teachers or administrators are being investigated at this time.

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