Hundreds Protest Vaccine Passports in Manitoba

Hundreds Protest Vaccine Passports in Manitoba

Collin Wynter

Hundreds of protestors spanning two blocks in downtown Winnipeg, gathered to protest vaccine passport and mandates.

On Thursday, September 1, a rally was held in front of the Health Sciences Centre on Sherbrook Avenue.

A woman with a megaphone led the group with chants “no more passports”. She also claimed at one point that the “government is going to murder you.”

A lot of vehicles that drove past honked horns in a show of support. Shouts of “freedom” were heard often.

The protestors gathered there for the “World Wide Walkout [for] Health Freedom” event.

The event was calling for people to stand together against the “tyranny of mandatory vaccinations.”

There has been no legislation passed for the use of vaccine passports or mandatory vaccinations in Manitoba.

Protestors held signs that said “masks are child abuse,” “my body my choice” and “last year’s heroes, this year’s unemployed.”

There was even a jab at Trudeau, with signs saying “F*ck Trudeau!”

Masks don’t harm children

On their youtube channel, Doctors Manitoba hosted a forum to allay parents’ fears about sending their child back to school in masks.

Dr. Ruth Grimes, president of the Canadian Paediatric Society states:

“Concerns about lung development, oxygen levels, carbon dioxide levels, immune system development in the use of masks are all really myths. There is no evidence to support any concerns about masks.”

Concerned about civil liberties

Protestors were also concerned about their civil liberties. One sign held aloft read “I’m Canadian and I’ll never show my papers.”

“Show my papers” or “papers please”, is a cultural reference to authoritarian style governments who require citizens to show ID to participate in public events.

Some Canadians fear this will lead to a segregated society. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated. They think this may also lead to a social credit system similar to what the Chinese Communist Party imposes on its citizens.

Vaccinations required for work

In a news release, the Manitoba Government has stated that:

“all provincial employees who work with vulnerable populations to be fully immunized for COVID-19 by Oct. 31, or undergo regular testing, to protect Manitoba against a fourth COVID-19 wave.”

The first dose must be completed by September 7. The second dose by October 17.

Some private businesses also require employees to be fully immunized before returning to work. 

This is a peaceful protest

The protesters marched to a new location on Notre Dame Avenue, spilling out onto the street. 

The woman with the megaphone reminded the group to stay off the road as this was a “peaceful protest”, and they were “not trying to cause a disturbance.” At one point, they sang O’Canada.

Police were on hand to provide traffic control. 

No incidents occurred between police and protesters at the time this article was written. 

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