Sarah Silverman on Caitlyn Jenner

by Collin Wynter

On My 6th, Sarah Silverman released a diatribe against Caitlyn Jenner on her podcast because Ms Jenner has stated that trans-girls should not be allowed to compete against biological girls in school team sports. 

TMZ cornered Ms Jenner on May 2, and questioned her whether she believed biological boys should be allowed to participate in girls sports teams. Ms Jenner responded by saying that it was a question about “fairness” and that we should “protect girls sports”.

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In response to Ms Jenner’s comments, Ms Silverman made the following statements.

First, she asks, “Caitlin, you’re a woman right?” and states that “trans-girls are girls”, so by default Ms Jenner should support trans-girls competing in girls’ sport.

In fact, Ms Jenner is a trans-woman, formally known as Bruce Jenner, an American decathlete who won a gold medal at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal.

She continues by noting that trans girl are girls and should have the same rights as cis girls. 

Cis is a term referring to a person whose gender identity matches the biological sex they were born with. At no point has Ms Jenner claimed that trans-girls should not have the same rights as other citizens.

This is all in regards to a wave of bills in America disallowing biological males from competing in girls sports teams. Left wing media is calling the bills ‘anti-trans’. While right wing is referring to the bills as “addressing the transgender issue in girls’ sports”.

Shaking her head while listing some anatomical comparisons such as “are trans girls too strong?” and “what about tall girls?”, as opposed with short girls, she appears to not understand the physiological differences between boys and girls.

Yes, some girls are taller and stronger than boys, but when competing for sports, players are selected from the upper echelons of physical and skill ability. Therefore, boys will be in a better position to outcompete girls. 

She also mentions that boys go through puberty at different times. This does in fact happen to be a deciding factor when they complete against each other in school sport. A fact she misses pointing out is that when boys go through puberty testosterone increases their body size and strength.

She tries to find a comprise by suggesting co-ed programs based on weight and height. This opportunity can be explored, but not at the expense of girls only teams. People are always welcome to start their own teams and leagues.

She claims this has nothing to do with “worrying about girls sports”, which she repeats multiple times, with the caveat “believe me”. In fact, she declares “it’s transphobia. Full stop.” This is a social justice bullying technique used to shut down debate; call people prejudiced who have a difference of opinion. Next, she calls Ms Jenner a t**t. It’s never a good sign when someone uses a slur a to lend weight to the argument.

In fact, this is not about transphobia, which undoubtedly exists. This is about protecting girls’ sports, which is under attack. As is many other women’s only spaces, such as shelters, washrooms, beauty care, and prisons. Even the word woman has been co-opted and spelt womxn, to be more ‘inclusive’.

There appears to be a move to allow biological males into female only spaces, remove the biological concept of sex and gender and indoctrinate children into a trans affirmation-only ideology. This is especially apparent in elementary schools, where programs such as Gegi, in Ontario, and SOGI, in BC, are operating. 

The twitter snippet concludes with a comparison about herself being Jewish and having to share that identity with [Harvey] Weinstein and [Jeffrey] Epstein. Thus she compares Ms Jenner to rapists. 

What she misses out, is that Ms Jenner may have a more in-depth understanding of the effect of trans-girls in girls’ sports because of her own identity. Could it be possible that she is aware of the physiological differences and safety concerns underlying this issue? The idea that is is more inclusive to allow biological males into girls’ sport is a non-sequitur. Trans-girls deserve the right to play sport, but not at the expense of girls.

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