Daily Primal Actions- Evening Time

If you’re just checking these series of blogs about daily primal actions now, feel free too start here or to go back to the first one: Daily Primal Actions- Morning routine. It is stressed in earlier blogs about setting yourself up for success earlier in the day to be successful for the current part of the day. The important thing to note though, is at any point you can begin to set yourself up for success.

Start your day off right

These daily primal action blogs began with the morning because that an obvious point of the day to start at. But, it was highlighted that how to have a successful morning, it really begins with a proper bedtime routine. It’s important to note the cause and effect of earlier choices on your current state of well being. But noting that does not determine all future outcomes. It actually provides you with the chance to break habits. These daily primal actions are choices you can make to replace those negative habits that are disrupting your life. Let’s take a look at some positive evening primal actions you can start incorporating into your life today.

After you have finished work and done your after work activities, whether they have been a work function, getting in a fitness routine, or catching up with friends, you’ve finally made it home. Perhaps you went straight home. Being at home can have drastically opposite effect on people. 

Home sweet home

For some, being home can be a haven for focusing on what you want to accomplish. Perhaps you’ve signed up for an online fitness program that you can watch at your leisure. You’re very focused and can do it right when you walk in the door. You’ve made your whole kitchen primal, so you know all your food is safe to eat there. Accomplished that work out and made it home without deterring with a food stop song the way? Now you can indulge. Albeit, portioned indulgences!

Chaos or ordered insanity?

For others, being at home can be chaos. Either living or caring for others who do not follow a primal based lifestyle, or simply being in an environment that would appear to be more structured, but when in fact it allows you to do whatever you want. Knowing the difference between these two environments and whether your home makes you successful or is detrimental to your well being is important to determine how much you should accomplish outside of your living space. 

Make the space yours

If your home is not conducive to your primal lifestyle, and you have done all that you can prior in the day to set yourself up for success, perhaps there are still some things you can accomplish at home. As mentioned earlier, having an online fitness routine to tune into soon as you walk in the door and change, can help keep you on task. IS there somewhere you can create fitness space? It can be in your bedroom with the bed pushed over, in your yard or  garage. Online yoga routines are often designed to be done just on the space of a yoga matt. So that does not require much space at all. Adding some accoutrements to the space to make it feel separate from the rest of the room can provide a visual change to stimulate the mentality to stay focused on the task at hand. Wearing cordless headphones can block out extraneous noise. 

Dinner can be a challenge if you have non primal foods laying around your kitchen. Perhaps eating before arriving home can help satiate yourself away from breaking your dietary plan. Otherwise, can you organize your cupboards so you only open doors with your primal foods in it? Out of sight, out of mind is a powerful statement. The fridge may be a little more difficult to organize, but even trying just to put your allowed types of food together (meat on the bottom!) will allow for some sort of semblance of controlled focus. Cooking smells of food that is not for your dinner, can definitely stimulate your hunger.  Remember, you can enjoy the smells, and do so.  have some snack foods on hand: nuts, dried fruit (small amounts), antipasto, charcuterie (with sulphur free meats), olives, cheese, etc.  This will tide you over if you are being tempted by a non primal meal while you are waiting for your turn to use the kitchen.

Setting yourself up earlier in the day can provide great support for success later on with staying focused on your primal lifestyle. Creating a space at home that is yours, where you can go and decompress can help stabilize the mind and keep your habits in check. Remembering that meditation is always available to you.  Whether it be in actually sitting or remember the actions of sitting in your daily life activities. Scheduling your tasks not only for work, but also for home can help you stay not rack. But be realistic. Schedule your evening habits in a way that is not taxing. You do not want to feel like being at home is work. Removing the television and computer from your personal space and replacing those items with books and writing or art supplies can create a habit of engaging with yourself rather than being consumed by meaningless entertainment. 

Having friends over to your home and showing them your accomplishments can be supportive to your change in behaviour. In stead of showing off, share with your friends or potential partners your new way of living at home. invite them over for a primal meal and discussion about your new habits so they can understand why you have chosen to live this way. Perhaps you will inspire them to try out the primal lifestyle for themselves.  

The next blog will wrap up this series on daily primal actions. Check in soon for a primally designed bedtime routine.

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