Your Daily Actions- Getting to Work

This series about Daily Primal Action began with the Morning routine1. Originally the day was divided up into waking up, work, after work, and home time. However, getting to work and a sleep routine will be quite larger topics, that these will now be included as their own blogs.

Today the topic of getting to work will be discussed. 

As mentioned in the morning ritual blog, getting a good nights sleep sets you up for a positive morning routine. And the whole day is essentially cyclical as it is dependent on scenarios before. It may seem there is now way out of the vicious cycle, but when you pause for a second and put yourself into a state of meditation, you recognize that each moment has an opportunity for change. Since waking up often provides a great opportunity to meditate and wake up to that realization, the blog series began there2. But even if you wake up and are unrested, so can still gain composure and you go throughout your work day. the sooner you are able to gain composure the quicker you will be able to start contributing in a positive manner.

Driving a car can be a nuisance

Getting to work can be a nuisance. Today, writing during the covid-19 pandemic, many folks are working from home. But let’s take the view that long distance travel still occurs. Perhaps you still must face rush hour. Do you have trouble arriving at work on time because you misjudge how long it will take to get you there? Or even if its not considered rush hour, the traffic is still daunting? Wouldn’t it be best to leave earlier? But who wants to be at work several hours before their required time to start?3

A solution is to get a gym membership near your work. That way, you can include your morning fitness or mobility routine as a reason to arrive in the neighbourhood of your work early.  If the gym atmosphere is suitable, perhaps you would do your meditation there. But I would still recommend mediation upon waking to centre yourself even before you venture out onto the roads.

Biking is exercise

A better mode of transportation to your work (distance permitting) is bike riding to work4. Again, it may take more time, but the benefits from exercise, reduced CO2 omissions, gentler on the road infrastructure, and more fun outweighs the negatives.  Some people may be concerned about sweating, therefore getting that gym membership with a locker is beneficial to get ready to go to work. You could get in some stretching after bike riding. And you can also use the gym membership to get in proper gym session after work. Having a locker means you can keep work clothes there (if you cannot keep them in your office). Keeping a full set of clothes only requires a once a week trip with them in clothes bag.

But what if you’re working at home5? It’s important to set up a work place independent of your living environment. If you have a spare room, that can be easy. If not, room partitions, tall plants, a space by the window, can transform the space. 

Taking a walk around the block, or going for a bike ride, can also create a sense of direction to work. Even though you may be consciously aware of what you are doing, maintaining the habits of travel, as if you would be going to work, can effect you motivational drive.

Working from home can be a dream

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