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You can probably see from my previous blogs, and because I state it pretty explicitly, I focus on health and well-being as being the primary direction for my life.  After having serious gut intestinal health issues throughout my life, I finally decided to take the opportunity and apply to the Primal Health Coach course by Primal Blueprint1.  Primal Blueprint was founded by Mark Sisson. I had followed him via his blog posts for many years, read his books and respected the effort he put into to researching his information.  When I found out that his company had expanded to Health Coaching, I knew it was the right time for me to join the community and add my voice, experience and expertise to help others find wellness in their lives.

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It was an easy process to sign up for the course, with options on the payment method which made it very accessible.  The course is sent in chapter format with lots of valuable information, such as: Health & nutrition, fitness, legal & liabilities, education resources, how to coach clients, what is the difference between a health coach and a medical practitioner, how to set up your business model, and more.  It is truly a valuable course for anyone wanting to become a health coach professionally or looking to gain deeper insight into the profession and research that is at the basis of the primal movement.

The information is provided in three formats: written, video and audio. The audio podcast is a great addition as it is truly a flexible medium that allows you to listen anywhere. Also, if you choose to review the material more than once, sometimes it can be come arduous to review it in the same format.  The included podcasts can provide a deeper understanding of the material.

The business building tasks was what I was most excited about. I have been studying health & nutrition for many years, I really enjoyed reading the literature about well-being. But the one thing I was lacking was the step by step knowledge of building a business. The tasks that the course provide you with are clear examples of what one must do to start up their own business.  The questions asked stimulate you to truly think about your business concept, who you want to market your product to, what is your product, defining yourself and your brand.

The continued support of Primal Blueprint though blog posts, podcasts, and the community in social media, is only matched by its customer support.  There is nothing better for a business than to be on point with responding to a customer and doing their best to resolve the query.  

There is additional programming and material that will be offered and provided. It can seem a little overwhelming, especially when your inbox is getting full.  I created a folder called PHC and move all emails over there to review when I have time.  Most of the emails have information that is included on the PHC course website, or Mark Sisson’s blog. So the info will always be there. And new info will always arrive. Pay attention to any time sensitive material, but stay focused on your task at hand. If you are currently in the program, make that your priority. There is no need to join too many community groups, or sign up for other programming. The one step at a time mentality is best followed at this point.

Social media can definitely be a distraction. I agree with the courses statement to start producing material now, just be careful how caught up you get in social media. The socials are useful to assist in brand awareness, but in the end, it is your website and product that you want your clients to attend to and purchase from. Instagram is offering product sales off of their platform (and I am sure there are other platforms and ways you can do this), but if you get caught up on too many things once, it will delay the time to complete the course and receive the certification people want to see when you’r prompting yourself online.

Building a site on WordPress

With that being said, the platforms I recommend using are: WordPress (be patient, it will take time to learn). The customer support can be useful, and they do offer workshops and video tutorials. But here are other website servers, emails and domains that you can use. 

Instagram is a great platform for its story aspect, ability to post multiple photos, of videos to one post, hashtags for portfolios that you can get your post featured in, and that it can easily link to facebook and twitter. Facebook and Twitter are useful if you have been using wither of those platforms for a while, but I recommend you make a call to action to get those followers onto Instagram and focus there. As mentioned previously, you can sell products off of Instagram with a business account.

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Linked in is useful for people that you know. It’s not so much a platform to connect with strangers, but it is a chance for you to advertise for people to look you up on.

Youtube is another valuable platform in that you can create videos for Instagram and also post them to you tube.  YouTube can be monetized after a certain amount of followers. So this is an additional source of income.

Join the movement today

As you can see, the PHC course2 is a valuable program to learn from, for your self and for an online business format.  Combine that with a website and social media, and you’ll be set to go.  You can continue your business journey by offering online course, one on one sessions, in person group training, even public speaking. Its your journey. Make the most of it!   

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