Transitioning to Living Primally

How do we change from a sedentary, standard American diet (SAD) to a life of being primal?  It’s a step by step process with that requires conviction.  It doesn’t have to be difficult, but it will not be easy. If you change your perception and look at it as a challenge, it will put you on path to success.

Sedentary lifestyle

We are much more powerful thank we know. Often times the mind and body take the path of least resistance1. That’s why we give in to cravings, watch tv ins read of going to the gym, or need to ‘psyche’ ourselves sup to do something we consider challenging.  But the amazing thing is, after you start a challenge and work at it, it becomes habit2. But how long will that take? Let’s focus on the step by step process first.

I am going to create a general person. Of course, people are extremely complicated and have a myriad of options in life, and circumstances and history and emotions, and everything that makes us unique. However, this general person does not exercise or play sport, they work in an office sitting most of the time. They eat processed packaged food that is pre-made, and when they die out, its for fast food. A SAD3. Without making any healthy predictions or judgements on this made up person, who may resonate with many of you, how much wellness do you think they have in their life?  Not very much, I would think. 

How do you move from a sedentary, SAD life. First thing is, just becoming aware that there is another way to live your life. Soon as we see this glimmer of hope that is available to be living in a different way, it sparks an idea that we too can change. Start surrounding yourself with inspirational imagery. That means: follow social media that promotes health and well being, get some art work for your walls, buy some gym clothes.  And read, reading is essential. If you do not like to read, I would say you have not found what you like to read, yet.  

Packaged and processed food like products

What about food, how do we change our diet4?  First, eat before you grocery shopping. Not being hungry can helps control your ability to stay away from purchasing non essential items.  Make a grocery list.  Unsure of what to put on that grocery list? I’ll do another blog on that topic in particular.  Remove all food from the pantry that is not beneficial. Of course it is okay to have certain sauces and condiments, but refrain from pre made food, grains, beans, sugar, for the time being. What does that leave you to eat, lots!  Fresh meats, fruit, veg, eggs, healthy oils, and proper dairy (more info on this coming, too!).

What about the sedentary life style5? This can be challenging for folks who may have an injury. The key is to take it step by step.  Have you bought the gym clothes?  Have you taken a walk to where the gym is?  Learnt the path, how long it will take?  Great! Next step, have a conversation with the gym employees. Are they intimidating to look at? Often times they are super friendly.  Bring a friend with you if you are shy. That’s to help you set up, not necessarily to work out with. Although it’s great to see friends and chat at the gym, briefly, you are at the gym (or outdoor fitness area), for a purpose. To. Work. Out.  That means minimal distractions from friends and colleagues.  Only go with people to the gym that you know are on the same path as you. otherwise, they may be holding you back.  Just going tot he gym, not even using any of the equipment, is an important first step. If you know you can go and maintain a work out do it.  But if the barrier is simply just getting there, that’s the very first step to take. Personal trainers or signing up for habit forming challenges can be positive inspiration as well.  But the real key is, set yourself for success by putting your gym clothes ready to go by the door, and instead of thinking about the gym, just go to the gym. Or to use another slogan: just do it. 

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