Juxtaposing the Primal with the Practical

There is a conundrum between primal living and how our world works.  How do we resolve this? Isn’t it contradictory for me to be preaching the benefits of a primal way of life, while using tech and social media to promote its potential? And the answer is yes and no. It is not always a clear answer. It depends on the perspective, but in the end it’s about moderation, control and intent.

Blend primal and practical

There are a lot of studies being done that social media is bad for your health1, and that a sedentary lifestyle is the new heart disease2. Many folks work in an office setting now days. Social media and visual tech is easier to reach with a touch of a finger than ever before. Do we need these things to survive? Well, no. You do not need to have a sedentary life style or use social media to survive. You do need food, water, air and shelter.

In the current state of circumstances that we live in, we do require an occupation that will provide the funds needed to exchange for goods and services that we require for survival. No longer is it required that the individual or tribe work in a more general fashion to obtain all that is needed for survival. Social media is a part of that world, as is other forms of marketing, advertising and the accoutrement that makes up the society in our daily lives.

Connect with others, they may need you.

Our task is not to try to disregard the society that we live in, all though some do3, but instead learn how to navigate the world while prioritizing our well being. To find the path of true of well being, while using the tools at our disposal. I doubt that anyone would argue that there are many technological devices that have advanced our society for the better. And many have created flaws and worked at exploring our mental and emotional capacities for their personal advantage. The key is to develop the discernment between these tools.

Some may argue it’s the systems in place, others may argue is the specific tech, and others yet may point to specific individuals or organizations that work against us. In the end, it is up to each individual to act responsibly. Although there is little room for choice, the fact is that we do make decisions on a daily moment to moment basis. Even though we are aware of our decisions after the fact4, this does not disavow responsibility, but in fact shows us that by taking responsibility we gain freedom from the understanding of who we truly are,. And in that freedom is the room for change.  

Choices, is it all an illusion?

So, how do we navigate this responsibility? This world that seems so apt to stick us in a cue of numbers? First, eat right. Yes, that seems so simple, yet it is so powerful. That which controls the food source, controls the being. Think of sugar addiction. Yes, sugar is highly addictive5. People will spend copious amounts of money on sugar. Poor physical and metal health can develop from sugar abuse. And there is a whole business set up with pills to manage that for you. Changing your diet gives you back control over your health6

Fitness is most uncomfortable when you first begin. that is why it’s so challenging7. There is a lot of doubt, shame, and confusion on what to do. the key is to be prepared, have your gym clothes ready to go, join a class, they are all in it together with you, and do not think about going. Just do it. Motivation can only come from you. In the sense that motivation is an intrinsic property to an individual’s behavioural psychology. Your body up until the day it stops living, requires physical exercise to maintain function and form.  

Finally I will touch on focus, mental clarity, sitting in meditation or contemplation. By learning to focus the mind, it provides you with with a better sense of what it means to be in the present moment. This offers you the chance to not only enjoy each moment of life to a greater extent, but allows you to recognize states of unhappiness or anger quicker. Through training, by focusing directly on those sensations, you are able to dissolve them and return to a state of better mental well being. This better for both you and everyone you interact with on a daily basis.

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