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Welcome to Primal Action Health Coaching. I am uber excited to be introducing you to the wellness programming that I have been working on for many years. It’s all come to fruition in the past couple months by signing up for the Primal Blueprint Health Coaching certification, which I am nearing to completion. In tandem with that, I have been developing my social media accounts, website and now am starting to blog! I am super excited for all of this, to share this with you, and for the confidence this is bringing me. But first, let me start with where I’m coming from and my intent.

SAD Four Food Groups Diet

Many years ago, when I was still in high school, I took foods as a class. And one of the projects was: do a meal plan for a week based off of the four food groups. Try as I might, I could never figure out how to include the 8-12 servings of grains per day. Fast forward a decade, and now I have read books such as the Zone (Dr. Barry Sears)1, Primal Blue Print (Mark Sisson)2, Selective Carbohydrate Diet (Sidney Valentine Haas)3, The Gut and Psychology Syndrome (Dr Natasha McBride-Stillwell)4, Fibre Menace (Konstantin Monastyrsky)5 and Fat Chance (Dr. Robert H Lustig)6, among others. From all this reading, research and personal ‘dieting’ experience, I came to realize that a diet that has grains, and certain sugars, removed from it, is the best way for me (and many others!) to obtain optimal health. That solved the 8-12 servings of grains per day question.

Ketogenic Diet

Now food is quite a complex topic and as I continue to blog I will provide more detailed information. Such as: what are the difference between paleo, primal, ketogenic, etc diets. What is food? What is right for me? 

For several years I was a vegetarian. I highly respect vegetarians and their commitment to animal welfare, and I respect their choice to not eat meat. I do not deny that some people can live a healthy, fully nutritional life off a plant based diet. But for myself (and many others!) focusing on the consumption of an animal based diet is not only beneficial, but can be life saving. Did you know that doctors proscribe a high fat diet for people with seizures?7

My intent is not to tell you what to do. It is to inform you on the choices I have made in my life based on the research and education I have encountered. I will tell you what I have done with my life: in diet, exercises and behavioural decisions. I want to educate, inform, demonstrate and possibly even inspire you to take on new life decisions that have been sitting by the way side for whatever reason.  

I am a highly scheduled person, but that doesn’t mean inflexible. It means that I have a strong focus on what tasks I intend to accomplish on a daily, weekly, yearly…. basis.  Yes, I plan for things daily and into the future. Many tasks I accomplish, and many I do not. This is different from failure.  I do not accomplish certain tasks because I edit, edit , edit! I edit my daily tasks as I am going through them. I am constantly revising my perspective, my goal orientation and what I need to prioritize. This is because I have many ideas, hopes and dreams, but the more you take on, the longer any will come to fruition. So I refocus my intent daily to accomplish what needs to get done. For today, that was: start writing this blog, do up a V log, finish setting up my website and connect with the Primal Health Coach community for my next task in certification. 

The above is what I consider to be work now. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have had to make life altering decisions. And for myself, it was to take this pandemic and isolation experience and make southing of it. To achieve my dream of health coaching. The Primal Action Health Coaching plan will be designed to fit into your lifestyle, with a little help from me. Stay tuned for more info!

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